What’s Up Wednesday


Well the good news is I have not fallen off the face of the planet, the bad news is I just lost my blog mojo. I have lots of ideas for posts in my head, then I find other more exciting things to do like clean out drawers and cabinets! I figure a link up is the best way to dive back in, so here goes…


What we’re eating this week– Still lots of take out. Ryder’s favorite meal is “macamoney at my house”. He would eat it for breakfast if we let him! So there’s that. I have been slowly committing to the PCOS/paleo diets. I try to make eggs for breakfast, and my lifesaver has been this Califia Farms almond milk creamer. Go getcha some, you’ll thank me.

What I’m reminiscing about– my wittle baby boy…. always. It really does go by in a blink folks. All of our NICU days have been showing up in my Time Hop, and they have me like 😭

What I’m loving- Lularoe and Lipsense. I am one to avoid the craze at all costs, but these got to me. I mean leggings and lipgloss are a girl’s love language! #amiright I am fortunate, or in trouble, that I have close friends/family who can supply me with my needs! Here I am with an actual lip color on since I used to only wear tinted balms. 

What we’ve been up to– School, church, MOPS, work, and repeat! We have been staying busy but nothing particularly new. Ryder is doing GREAT in his gymnastics class, and I love seeing how excited he gets for it. His version of the cartwheel is my favorite! 😍

What I’m dreading– Ryder has a dentist appointment coming up. He has gotten ever so slightly better about letting doctors look in his mouth, but I don’t have high hopes for an actual cleaning! #whitecoatsyndromeisreal

What I’m working on– ye old blog. I have started and not finished a few posts, so I am going to just bite the bullet and get it going again.

What I’m excited about– Chad and his dad earned us another trip on a cruise. I am excited that this time we are going to destinations I have never been to before! We will be stopping in Nassau, Charlotte Amalie, and Basseterre. We spent our one year anniversary in Nassau, so it will be fun to go back. I am super excited, though, to go to St. Thomas and St. Kitts! I am also excited that this will be a trip for just me and Chad. Ryder will stay with my parents.

What I’m watching/reading– Still watching and loving This is Us. Chad also got me hooked on Timeless. That show can be intense! I am also loving American Housewife, because Katy Mixon’s character is all of us. I actually have a few new books to read! Our small group is going to do a study on How People Change. I will report back on that book later. I also finally purchased It Starts with Food.

What I’m listening to– Well Ryder got quite a few movies for Christmas, and after we did a solid 2 weeks with Secret Life of Pets, his current go-to is Zootopia. Since the Try Everything song was constantly in my head, I finally downloaded it. I feel that it is a bit of our anthem right now.

What I’m wearing– See above about Lularoe. My favorite look right now is a Carly with my leggings and booties.

What I’m doing this weekend– My friends and I are headed to a wine tasting class in the big city of Levelland at Triology Cellars. I have been wanting to try their Malbec, so I am eagerly awaiting the class!

What I’m looking forward to next month– So many things! My birthday, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and a new women’s Bible study I signed up for! We are also going to a parenting conference in February. I think it will be a good month for us.

What else is new– I officially have a 3 year old now! Even though it has already been a month, that is a new development since last I blogged!

Until next time friends.







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