The Best Baby Hats!

Since I have so many new and expecting mommas in my life, I thought I would finally get this post up!   image-1

I first saw Infanteenie Beenie hats on this blog. I loved that they were cute and functional! When we learned that Ryder would likely be born early, I went ahead and ordered a couple of hats for him. Little did we know he would be born 8 weeks early the very next day! Read that story here.


When Ryder was in the NICU he was not able to wear any clothes until he was at least 4 pounds and could maintain his temperature. Since he was so long and skinny it took a  couple of weeks. I was so glad I had these hats in the meantime, because they were the only thing he was allowed to wear.


The NICU nurses loved them too. In a way it made me feel more like he was ours than just another baby in the NICU.


The hats fit his teeny tiny head great, and they washed great! We had an unfortunate incident with Polyvisol and his feeding tube one night, but a little Oxiclean got it right out. I was so relieved since this hat was part of his homecoming outfit!


I have since gifted these hats to fellow NICU mommas, but they are great for full term babies too. They are made to fit all babies’ heads (Ryder was wearing them at 3 lbs, 5 lbs, and 7 lbs). I love that the girl ones have the cute bows without having to find a headband that won’t slip and slide!


If all of that isn’t enough, my own sweet babe is a model on her Etsy site, here and here.  ;-).


So I mean what are you waiting for, go stock up at her Etsy shop here!


*I bought these hats on my own, and all opinions are my own. I was later compensated for a review. Professional photos were done by Paper Moon Photography

Until next time friends.

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