What’s Up Wednesday


In an effort to lighten things up around here I thought I would link up with Mix and Match Mama for What’s Up Wednesday! My previous What’s Up Wednesday post is here. I do want to say thank you, though, to everyone who has commented, messaged, and texted me about yesterday’s post! We are all in this together ladies!

WUWquestions-edit-969x1024What we’re eating this week– OUT, like all of our meals. It is ridiculous y’all! Chad has been obsessed with our new Indian food place (Tikka Shack) lately, and I have been loving Chipotle.

What I’m Reminiscing About– Where did my baby go? Ryder seems to grow up more each day. He is such a big kid sometimes!


What I’m Loving– I have  been obsessed with blackberry lemonades from Sonic this Summer. Also, I am loving the cooler weather (just not all of the rain).

What we’ve been up to– Chad and I went to Ruidoso by ourselves a couple of weeks ago! It was a nice little getaway. Chad had a blast on the go carts! Other than that it is the same old same old.


What I’m dreading– Potty training Ryder. Is that bad? I am really not looking forward to the training part. We have started a little, but we are definitely not committed yet.

What I’m working on– new blog posts 😉 Also, making a schedule/plan for my new job next week!

What I’m excited about– Joining a new MOPS group next week!

What I’m watching/reading– So I have been collecting quite a stack of books this Summer. I really hope to dive in soon! They include: Strong Willed Child, Have a new Kid by Friday, Switch on your Brain, and Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. Sensing a trend? I have also been eyeing: Uninvited and Miracle Morning. As far as what we’ve been watching it was two full weeks of the Olympics! We are also excited that Camp Cutthroat is back!

What I’m listening to– My current favorite song is Something Wild by Andrew McMahon and Lindsey Stirling . I am a sucker for songs with lots of strings and piano.

What I’m wearing– So a friend got me hooked on LuLaRoe this Summer, and I cannot get enough! I looooovvvveee the leggings and Irmas! I also like the fun Cassie skirts. I was so excited to find this one because it is fun and classy!

13620888_146326325791979_5830094841648284670_n IMG_2465

What I’m doing this weekend– I am off on a solo trip to Yuma, Arizona! My bestie lives out there, and I have not been in far too long! I am excited to visit the land of dates and have a night all to myself in a hotel 😉 I am also excited to get in lots of baby snuggles with her latest addition.

What I’m looking forward to next month– Texas Tech football! Guns up! Wreck ‘Em! Ryder is excited too, I mean how adorable is here in his Tech gear? I am just a little sad I am missing the season opener this weekend.

E2 P9 P14

What else is new- I start my part-time job next week! You can read all about that here.

Well that was a down and dirty catch up!

Until next time friends.



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