March 2016

Moving on to March! Spring was in the very cold air!

E15 P10 P17 P18 P21

In March we started playing outside a lot more, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and went to a few birthday parties (Ryder’s favorite pastime)! Ryder was 26 pounds in March and 36 inches! He had lost a couple of pounds after his tonsillectomy, but we started giving him Pediasure and he caught back up fast! He was wearing 18-24 month pants, 24 month pjs, and 24 month shirts. His shorts were still 12-18 month because of his itty bitty waist!

Ryder is ALL boy and started collecting rocks in his bucket one day outside. He also loves to run around like crazy. He looks soooo much older in these pictures to me!

IMG_5758 IMG_5772 IMG_5869IMG_6075IMG_6076

We had several Easter egg hunts this year, and it was fun to see Ryder get into them. We did one at Tech the weekend before, and it was COLD! It was also really crowded so we tried to be fast. We learned to hide the candy from Ryder because he would eat all of it after this first hunt. His favorites were the “si-rolls” aka Tootsie Rolls. He also had a hunt at school. On Easter Sunday, Ryder had an egg hunt at the church then we had lunch with my mom and brother at the Tech Club. There was also a little hunt there! The Easter Bunny came to visit us during lunch, and Ryder was NOT having it. I think he is scarred for life by Santa so now he won’t do anyone in costume. Even now in June, he is on the lookout for the Easter Bunny at the mall! After lunch we went to see my dad who wasn’t feeling well, and Ryder played a round of golf! Next we headed to Chad’s aunt’s house and Ryder did his final egg hunt. He was a pro by the end of it! He did still get a little distracted trying to open one egg before he found another. I decided to put things like cars and balls in some of them so they wouldn’t ALL be candy!

IMG_6026IMG_6014IMG_6008IMG_6027IMG_6169IMG_6170IMG_6270          IMG_6282 IMG_6303 IMG_6331 IMG_6350DSCN4229DSCN4238

IMG_6368 IMG_6390

For his Easter basket this year we got Ryder a new dump truck, a Pluto to go with all of his Mickeys, and a coloring book. Chad’s parents got him an elephant that sings “Do Your Ears Hang Low”. My parents got him a little lawn mower popper. The cute little bunny cookie is from The Cookie Box. He is obsessed with both the dump truck and lawn mower. He already had a big dump truck he pushed around in the backyard, but Chad found this one that is heavier and more sturdy.


Kate was hilarious at her birthday party this year. She wanted Ryder to sit by her, not her other little friends. Ryder was oblivious, but it was funny when she asked her friend to move so Ryder could sit there. He had a great time in the play area and with a basketball. He just kept getting knocked down by the bigger kids. One day you’ll be running around with the big kids too buddy…. Luke’s birthday was at a bounce house, and Ryder couldn’t get enough! He didn’t nap that day, but that didn’t slow him down. I had to drag him out of there kicking and screaming.

IMG_5967 IMG_6212

Ryder’s other new favorite “game” is to dump all of his “a-mals” in his floor and play on them. He has also dragged them all to the living room or our bed. He has even been known to do it in the aisles of toys r us!

IMG_6088 IMG_6113 IMG_6135 IMG_6161

We took a few more trips to the Science Spectrum this month, and introduced our friend Luke to the fun too!


Ryder also helped me do some fundraising for the March of Dimes in March. I mean who could say no to that adorable face! Even though it took about 20 outtakes to get one decent picture with the chalkboard each time! I also had to re-write and re-draw everything in between takes since he liked to erase it all. (;-P)

IMG_5706 IMG_6459IMG_5674IMG_5709IMG_6100

Other developments in March were that Ryder started asking to sit on the potty. He still hasn’t used it, but I am not in any rush. He will get there when he is ready. He tends to like to sit on it right before bath time. He also figured out he loves the little mini baskets at United and helps us “shop”. He does pretty good, but you have to watch your ankles. Ryder started counting to 10 during March and would say “goodbye”. He also started naming all of the Mickey Mouse characters.


For a chuckle or two, here are videos of Ryder when he was supposed to be sleeping!

And I will leave you with his St. Patrick’s Day smiles along with our other favorites from the month.

IMG_5942 IMG_5589IMG_5558

Up next: April, May, June and a sponsored post! T-minus 6 days until our trip.

Until next time friends!

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