February 2016

Wow! I don’t even know where to start since I am soooo far behind! We have had the fun, not so fun, and busy every day life since the last time I posted. I am going to try to get caught up before July because we have a BIG trip coming up that I know you will want to read about 😉


So February was the month of Ryder’s tonsillectomy, but we book-ended the month with 2 fun trips!

Our first trip in February was to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. It was the trip we had scheduled for Ryder’s birthday, but we had to postpone it. Ryder did great in the car, even with a delay after we were rear-ended by someone who fell asleep at the wheel. Fortunately, no one was hurt and we were able to continue on with the weekend. We rushed to get changed into our suits the first night there, and unfortunately the water was pretty cold! Ryder wasn’t having it. He actually did not love the water park like we thought he would, and we didn’t spend much time in there. The resort itself was great for kids, though! The room was super cute! He loved the arcade and free ice cream (for his birthday). They also had cute little dance parties. We spent a lot of this trip trying to get Ryder to howl like the wolves that would howl throughout the hotel (see video below). We went to the Legoland that was close by after his nap on Saturday, and he did love that! He was just frustrated that he wasn’t tall enough to do all of the rides/play areas. We will have to go back when he is taller. We did the water park again on Sunday, then we stopped at the aquarium on our way out of town. He also loved that! He did so good on this trip! We will definitely try Great Wolf again. Hopefully the water is warmer and Ryder has a blast next time!

IMG_4897DSCN0309 DSCN0311 DSCN0312  DSCN0320 DSCN0324 DSCN0326 DSCN0336 DSCN0352 IMG_4940 IMG_4945

IMG_4982 IMG_4991 IMG_5012  IMG_5029 IMG_5039 IMG_5061 IMG_5062 IMG_5069 IMG_5077 IMG_5092 IMG_5140 IMG_5141 IMG_5142

When we came back we just had a few days before Ryder’s surgery. First up was my birthday and the March for Babies Kick-Off Luncheon. I had to give a speech to the room, then to my surprise they sang “Happy Birthday” to me! Ryder was not feeling well that day, so we were glad we had the surgery scheduled.

IMG_5113 IMG_5115 IMG_5117 IMG_5123

Ryder had his tonsillectomy on Friday, February 12th. The surgery went well, and the ENT actually told us that Ryder’s tonsils fell apart as he was taking them out because they were so full of pus and rotten! I am SO glad we got them out as was the ENT! Ryder did great in recovery. He was still doped up on pain meds so he was having a ball eating popsicles and watching Mickey. He actually did great the first 24 hours or so, then the pain and swelling set in. It was ROUGH! He was a trooper, and still managed to smile most days, but man he felt terrible. We had to hold him down to force his meds down him. I also used every bribe in the book to get him to eat and drink… See his buffet of jello and pudding below. It was kind of funny that the only thing he would drink was green tea out of a straw (which is not recommended after this surgery, but they said it was fine to use a straw if that was the only way he would drink). My sweet brother brought him some ice cream on Valentine’s day, but he wasn’t feeling it. He also got lots of stuffed animals and balloons! We spent a lot of time coloring and watching Mickey that first week. About a week after surgery we had to take him to the ER because he spiked a temp and our instructions said we should go in if it was over a certain degree. Anyways, after some tylenol and motrin, they sent us home like we were crazy, over-reacting parents. #bettersafethansorry.  Ryder got to have a fun lunch date at Momma’s office in the latter part of his recovery. Then, as everyone had said, exactly 2 weeks after surgery Ryder was back to normal. It just clicked. All of a sudden he was eating and drinking again! I will say we had to keep him out of daycare for the full 2 weeks. He just didn’t have the energy even that second week. Our ENT doesn’t like to do the surgery on kids under 3 yrs/30 lbs, but I am so glad we have it out of the way. I also know Ryder has to feel a lot better without all that puss and infection all the time.

IMG_5186 IMG_5190 (1) IMG_5206 IMG_5209 IMG_5220 IMG_5221 IMG_5223 IMG_5240 IMG_5266 IMG_5280 IMG_5320IMG_5375

To celebrate Ryder’s recovery, we took off on another road trip! We headed to Chad’s Aunt’s place in Ruidoso for the weekend. I had high hopes of snow tubing, but it was 70 degrees that day! They still had the man made chutes open, but Ryder hated it at first! It took quite a bit of convincing, then he had a ball! He kept saying “again”. It was kind of nice that it was warm while we were playing, but there was a LOT of slush and mud. For dinner that night we ate a new fancy place, and when we arrived there was this sign on the door (see below). I was terrified! Much to my surprise, Ryder was an ANGEL! He only made a peep as we were leaving. Another table even complimented his behavior! Score 1 for the two year old! We had breakfast both days at the Cornerstone Bakery, our favorite. They give the kiddos dough to play with, though, Ryder ate most of his! After breakfast we just did a little shopping before getting on the road to head back home.

DSCN4211 DSCN4225 crop 2 DSCN4225 IMG_5426  IMG_5484 IMG_5492 IMG_5502 IMG_5522IMG_5417 IMG_5542

Some of Ryder’s new skills this month were: he would recognize the football stadium and say “ball” and “Steve” every time we drove by; he started to recognize his colors; he tried to brush his teeth by himself; he called himself “baby Ryder” in his pictures on our phones; said “happy birthday” and liked to blow out candles; he said “Tech” or “Go Tech” when he saw a Double T (#proudmomma)! He also “helped” us vote! And since we missed celebrating Valentine’s with his recovery, here are a few bonus pictures of how we celebrated at school and work 😉

IMG_5380 IMG_5326IMG_5176IMG_4816

Next up March, April, May, June and a sponsored post! Ha! I better get busy!


Until next time friends.



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