Ryder Lane at 24 Months

Whew! Well once we started back at daycare and work, these last few weeks have flown by! I figured I better get this post done before February…



At Ryder’s 2 year well check he was 24 pounds and 34 inches. He is in the 19% for his weight and 52% for height. He is still wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, and 18 month PJs. He also loved wearing all of his winter hats this month! Even with his PJs.


I already covered most of his 24 months between his birthday and Christmas posts.


I actually got to work from home for a week this month. It was nice, but Ryder was so confused. He definitely did not appreciate me dropping him off at daycare. He did enjoy being my assistant at home, though 😉

IMG_3514 IMG_3522 IMG_3528 IMG_3530

We also had Ryder’s Christmas party at school this month. They had treats and did a book exchange. He loves presents!

IMG_3535 IMG_3543 IMG_3549

I really wanted to take Ryder to look at Christmas lights one night, so Chad convinced me to turn his car seat forward facing. We also had already discussed it with his pedi, so I was OK with it. I know they say that even long legged kiddos can stay rear facing, but it really didn’t look comfortable. He seems to enjoy being forward facing, and he is definitely more talkative.


We did a few shopping trips this month to get ready for Christmas, and we had to get creative with Ryder staying in the basket.

IMG_3333 (1) IMG_3367

His favorite foods this month were cheese (of course) and mandarin oranges. He also found a new trick of climbing in the pantry. See video below. We had to move Scooter’s dog food to the garage so he couldn’t climb on the shelves anymore.

As far as language, Ryder started telling me to sit (and showed me where). He also would say “thank you” when he would take or do something he shouldn’t! Sneaky boy!

Ryder’s other new trick in his 24th month was learning to undress himself. That kid hates pants! He reminds me of Axel on The Middle ;-). He also started doing a lot of pretend play with his new kitchen! He would bring me “drinks” of water.


We ended up being snowed in by snowstorm Goliath on Ryder’s actual birthday, the 27th. We set up his new tool bench the night before, and let him open presents throughout the morning. My mom gave him that little flute in the video, and you can tell by the mess he enjoyed playing with all of his new toys! We also gave him a cupcake at dinner. It was still a fun day, despite being snowed in.

IMG_4033 IMG_4040 IMG_4043IMG_4114

We had lots of fun this month, and Momma enjoyed her extra time at home with Ryder; although, we learned it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for her to always work from home! It was hard sharing an office with Chad! Here are a few more of our favorite pictures and videos.

IMG_3253 IMG_3302 IMG_3351 IMG_3706 IMG_3714 IMG_4022

Ryder Lane, you are 2 years old! I do not know how that came so fast. As much as I miss the baby snuggles, I absolutely love getting your hugs and kisses. You are sweet and sneaky. I can tell that you think everything through. We love to hear you laugh, and you love to make us laugh (which you do often). You are the best thing to ever happen to us, and we love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy Birthday sweet boy!


Until next time friends.

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