January 2016

Since I really do not intend to continue counting Ryder’s age in months, I thought I would just start doing calendar monthly posts ;-)!


So as I mentioned in my last post, we started the New Year off with a lot of snow! Ryder was NOT a fan! After all the effort of getting him bundled up (and using saran wrap on his legs), he cried until we took him in. He was much happier snuggling under blankets. Later in the week, he decided that he liked to stomp in the snow. He just wanted no part of it touching him!

DSCN4187 DSCN4193 IMG_4144 IMG_4156 IMG_4159 IMG_4175 IMG_4126IMG_4551IMG_4185IMG_4190

While Ryder stayed with Chad’s parents in Levelland, Chad and I had a great time New Year’s Eve. We went to a yummy dinner at the Funky Door, then headed out to Ransom Canyon to celebrate with my parents.

IMG_4253 (1) IMG_4260 (1) IMG_4271

I am a firm believer in having black eyed peas for good luck on New Year’s Day, but Ryder was not interested. So his superstitious momma hid them in peanut butter… I mean what can a little good luck hurt?! Speaking of New Year’s… we told Ryder, “Happy New Year’s” and he started asking for a cupcake! He now associates the word happy with cake!!!


Ryder is still loving to take his clothes, especially pants, off. I found him like this during one of his naps! As much as he loves taking his clothes off, he went through a spell of hating baths for a few weeks. We could not figure out what it was, but after consulting with my friends I decided to try some of the bath color bombs. He officially loves bath time again, and I am relieved to not have to use ear plugs every time 😉


Ryder started stringing all of his words together this month. He is practically talking in sentences all day long. He will also try to say everything we say, so we have to be on our best behavior! The video below shows him trying to talk to Sukie! I think the fact that he moved up at daycare will continue to help his language! He is officially in preschool, and he has to wear a uniform everyday. Makes me sad and proud all at once! So far, they have said he minds exceptionally well…. I guess he saves all of his listening for them! Ha!

IMG_4651 IMG_4662

I worked a few late nights this month and after one particularly long day, Ryder told me to go “night night” when I got home! He proceeded to tuck me in on the couch, and told me to take my glasses off! He even brought me my blanket. It has now become a game, and he wants me to go “night night” all the time! Sweet boy!


Ryder had his first dentist appointment this month! Despite it being the coolest doctor or dentist’s office I’ve ever seen, Ryder was not impressed. He had already had a few doctor’s appointments that week for his throat, so he did not want anyone looking in his mouth. The dentist was great, and super speedy despite the screaming. Ryder was excited to get his prize when it was all over.


We did have a few fun excursions with just Ryder and Momma this month at the Science Spectrum and at a bounce house with our friends Kate and Tanner! Ryder loved the bubbles at the Science Spectrum, and he wasn’t afraid of going up the big slide with Kate at the bounce house. Bless her, he would scream for her at the top of his lungs. Those two still kill me together. He also started calling her “cupcake” because Kate sounds so much like cake I guess!

IMG_4570 IMG_4571 IMG_4596 IMG_4612 IMG_4614 IMG_4618

Ryder also discovered his love for coloring this month! He is so serious about it that he grunts while he colors. My parents had pulled down the little table that my brother and I used to play with, so we went and picked it up from them one night. It was actually my mom’s as a child too. Ryder enjoys coloring on it, but I am not sure how much of the coloring stays on the paper!

IMG_4713 IMG_4731 IMG_4314

As always, I will leave you with a few other favorites from this month!

IMG_4308 IMG_4386 IMG_4751IMG_4637IMG_4242 (1)

Until next time friends.

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