Ryder Lane at 23 Months

So I keep notes on my phone to remind me of things Ryder does and says to include in these blog posts, the theme for this month was definitely “No!” and “Mine!”. Ryder was going full on into the terrible twos! Haha!

IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3109

I actually think we managed to go the entire month of November without going to the pediatrician! Ryder stayed around 23 pounds and 33 inches. He wears some 24 month PJs but mostly 18 month, and 12-18 month jeans.

The most adorable moment from this month was when we realized Ryder could sing “Wheels on the Bus”. His little V-Tech Dog, Scout, sings it and Ryder started singing along one day! He does the motions too, and I mean I can’t stand the cuteness! We are realizing he will sing along to other songs too, but none with as much emphasis.

Ryder visited my office a few times this month, and realized he loves playing with my calculator. Maybe he’s a future accountant?

IMG_2616 IMG_2617 IMG_2641

We had our last home football game for the season this month, and it was cold! Ryder was a stinker and decided he would rather cuddle with my jacket than let me wear it. Despite the cold, he was happier outside, and I was happy to enjoy the gorgeous sunset! It was also a close game! Until next year Raiders! I know Ryder will miss going to the games.

IMG_2719 IMG_2729 IMG_2751 IMG_2754

Next up for November, we had my mom’s birthday. She chose to celebrate at Copper Caboose like my dad did. We all had fun playing games! Ryder likes to help throw the Skee balls.


November 17th was Prematurity Awareness Day! I am so proud of how far my preemie has come!


One of Ryder’s least favorite moments from the month was meeting Santa. You all may not remember his adorable Santa picture from last year, so let me refresh your memory really quick:


Well Ryder was less than enthused to sit on the big man’s lap this year! We took him to the Holiday Happening Breakfast with Santa, and I was kind of secretly hoping for a crying Santa picture. I mean everyone has one at some point! #meanmomma Well poor kid was terrified, and he is still untrusting of men in beards 2 months later!

IMG_2876 IMG_2907

We put all of our Christmas decorations up the week before Thanksgiving, and Ryder loved the tree! He also loved pulling all of the balls off… #whatwasIthinking

IMG_2966  IMG_2980 IMG_2993

Finally this month, we celebrated Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving Day we went to Chad’s aunt’s house and Ryder ate great! He loved it. I loved his adorable outfit 😉

IMG_3066 IMG_3076

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated with my family. It was also my grandparents’ 60th anniversary, so double celebration! Ryder did great on this day too, and it was fun to reminisce with family.

IMG_3184 IMG_3123 IMG_3126 IMG_3164

Next up, my baby turns 2! To help you come to terms with that along with me, here are some more pictures from the month! We also had our Christmas/2 year shoot this month, so you get some Alisa Joy goodness to enjoy as well!

two years025 two years019 two years009 two years008 IMG_2926 IMG_2908 IMG_2508

Until next time friends.

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