Hot Diggity Dog Ryder is 2!

two years036

Choosing a theme for Ryder’s second birthday party was easy. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the only show Ryder is remotely interested in, and he loves pointing out Mickey products in stores. So once we had a theme, it was time to start planning! I wanted to start planning much earlier this year so we weren’t in a crunch at the end. I decided to have his party the weekend before his birthday so that more people would be in town. Even though I started planning early, places were still booking up fast. I decided to look for a bounce house since all the kiddos are super active! I found a gem of a place at Thunder Zone Family Fun! We were able to have a private party in a bounce house room with pizza and beverages provided by them.

two years029

Other than the location, one of the first things I did was order cookie party favors. I had been eyeing The Cookie Box on Facebook, and could not wait to make an order. Because I had also already ordered his birthday shirt from Sew Lacey, I sent a picture of the shirt to Jennifer, and we were set! I was fortunate to tap into a network of great local vendors, and Jennifer at The Cookie Box recommended Merely Madison designs for our invitations. I had been looking at Etsy for invitations, but the thought of having them printed for us was appealing. She was able to create a custom designed invitation and have them ordered and shipped in a matter of 24 hours! I was so happy with her service and turn around time that I also ordered tags for our cookie party favors and thank you notes. I don’t think they could have turned out any better! The cookies also turned out great, and she even included a special package for Ryder!

IMG_4321 IMG_3682  IMG_3559Invite

I tried to keep the party a little more simple this year, but I still couldn’t help myself on Etsy. I found so many cute decorations! The banner was from here. The picture clips were from here. The center piece was from here. The downloads were from here. I already had the big TWO from Zulily. The table cloth and paper goods were from Target.

IMG_3582 IMG_3565 DSCN3983 DSCN3987 DSCN3991 DSCN3992IMG_3568

I was really on the fence about what to do for Ryder’s cake. We ultimately decided to use The Cakery again. They had made Ryder’s smash cake for his first birthday. They already had a cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse design, and it turned out perfect! We also ordered another smash cake for Ryder, and it matched our theme to a tee! Since my mom is allergic to dairy, we ordered a dairy free cupcake just for her. They were so easy and flexible to work with, I would highly recommend them!

DSCN3996 DSCN4000 DSCN4002

The day finally came for the big party, and wouldn’t you know Ryder woke up super fussy and feeling crummy. We had actually taken him to the doctor 2 days before for a fever and a cough, but we were sent home with the diagnosis of a virus. The morning of the party, Ryder kept grabbing his throat saying “owie”. Poor guy! By that point, we were out of time and just had to power through. With a little motrin in his system we were on our way! I knew he would perk up when we got there anyway. As a side note, and I hope our friends don’t hate us, we took him to the clinic after his party and he tested positive for Strep! Poor guy! He was such a trooper.

So the actual party went off without a hitch. I was so grateful for all of our friends and family that came. The weather was also great. The kids had a blast playing, and there was enough pizza and cake for all. We also managed to escape with no burn injuries ;-).  Kate was so sweet to help Ryder eat his smash cake, and all the kiddos made sure he got all of those presents opened! I will leave you with my favorite pictures and videos from the day.

DSCN4075 DSCN4009IMG_3584 IMG_3590 IMG_3592  IMG_3602 DSCN4034DSCN4019DSCN4021 IMG_3626 IMG_3638 DSCN4071 IMG_3615 IMG_3640 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3653 DSCN4068IMG_3661    IMG_3678 IMG_3667IMG_3669IMG_3670IMG_3665 DSCN4037 DSCN4040 DSCN4041 IMG_4322

Until next time friends.


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