Halloween 2015

Good news, I haven’t dropped of the face of the Earth! All kidding aside, between fighting off mono, multiple sinus infections, crazy times at work, a birthday party, and Christmas… my downtime was spent doing a whole lot of nothing! I am looking forward to a healthier New Year post sinus surgery. I set a goal for myself to get caught up on here before the end of the Christmas break, and I have one day left. So one post down, 4 to go in less than 24 hours! Let’s not waste anymore time then and get to it!


I wanted to do a separate post for Halloween since Ryder was old enough to enjoy it this year, and we did several activities. He did wear his costume to music class the Monday of that week, which is where I left off in his last post. So the next stop that week was at Tech’s Trick or Treat. It is seriously a great idea to have trick or treating in the dorms, and TONs of activities in the Student Union Building hosted by student organizations; however, it is insanely crowded! It seems to get worse each year too! The lines are crazy, and the patience of our toddler wore thin really quickly.  Maybe they can work on crowd control next year, because I think Ryder would have a blast without the lines! He did get a haul of candy just for being cute, though! He wore his pirate costume that night which we just found at a local Halloween store.

IMG_2290 IMG_2295 (1)

The next night we had his daycare’s Fall Festival. They really ramped it up this year! The weather was nice so they were able to have it outside too. There were lots of fun games for Ryder to do, but again he didn’t care for waiting his turn so much! They had a hay ride and the Masked Rider also! Ryder loved the horse! Chad’s parents came with us to this festival, and Ryder came home in another sugar coma. I have to brag on Ryder’s teacher here for a minute. We have been really lucky at his daycare, but I have been extra impressed with Miss Kristy. The kids all love her, and I am amazed at how well they listen to her too! We will miss her when he gets moved up next month.

IMG_2313 IMG_2309 IMG_2306  IMG_2471 IMG_2319 IMG_2460 IMG_2470

Finally, on Halloween Day we had lots of fun! First up was a Tech football game. We actually missed a lot of it due to Ryder’s nap, but I knew we would be out later so we wanted him well rested. After the game we headed out to my parent’s house at Ransom Canyon. They all know each other out there, and they have LOTS of trick or treaters. I got Ryder all dressed up in his train engineer costume from this Etsy shop. It was adorable! He was a little shy saying “trick or treat” but he couldn’t wait to dig into the candy. We just went to a couple of my parents’ friends’ houses. Ryder’s little bucket is from Pottery Barn Kids. Our last stop was my grandparents’ (his greats’) house. She had a whole bag of treats for him, and we finally had to hide it all! He loves suckers and Tootsie rolls. Once we took the candy away, he enjoyed helping my Granny give candy to the other trick or treaters.

DSCN3976 DSCN3980DSCN3979IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2537 IMG_2535 DSCN3981

The most exciting part of Halloween for me was winning a pumpkin decorating contest at work! Coach Kingsbury picked pumpkin dog as the winner! Thanks to my hubby and a sacker at United for helping me put it all together.

IMG_2283 IMG_2280

It was a super busy and fun week for all, especially our little sugar monster!

I am sure Ryder will have an opinion about his costume next year, but I can’t wait! I know it will be even more exciting for him!

Up next, his much over-due 23 month post!

Until next time friends.

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