Ryder Lane at 22 Months

Well this month was all about football and pumpkins!


We somehow managed to stay well throughout October, I use “we” loosely since I have been battling mono for a while (another story another day). Anyways, I don’t have a height and weight for him, but he seems to have been going through another growth spurt. I would bet he is still around 23 pounds and maybe 33 or so inches? 18 month pants still just fall off of him, but 12 month is too short. The ribbed jeans from Gymboree are the only ones that stay on! He wears 18 month PJs and some of those are getting too small, but the 24 month is huge!

IMG_2163 IMG_2175 IMG_2192 IMG_2227 IMG_2253

I lost track of his new words this month because he repeats pretty much everything. The new words I made note of included: night night, nap mat, cold, juice, and cheerios. Here are some videos showing off his skills:

One of the first Saturdays in October we went to the Punkin Festival in Floydada (Pumpkin Capital USA) and the Assiter Punkin Ranch, our favorite! We ran into our friends, and Kate was so funny telling me that Ryder was running away… as I stopped and took a picture of it! Ryder had a blast playing with the pumpkins (his shirt is Mud Pie). We had a football game that same day, so we had to get home and let him nap first! He hasn’t missed a game yet! He does so well at them now.

IMG_1551 IMG_1557 IMG_1560 IMG_1562 IMG_1577 IMG_1650  IMG_1672 IMG_1673IMG_1671IMG_0175 IMG_0181IMG_1662IMG_1466

Ryder went to his very first parade this month! The Texas Tech Homecoming parade was on a Friday evening and we had front row spots! It was a bit too loud for him, but I think he liked the band! We also went to Tech’s Harvest Festival that weekend, and Ryder had fun painting a squash. If only it wasn’t so dang hot!


Ryder and I had a week flying solo this month while Chad was at a class in Dallas. The first night he was gone, my parents and I took him out to the At’l Do Corn Maize. Even with my parents’ help I was exhausted by the end of the week! Major props to all of the single parents out there. Ryder did rediscover his love for blocks that week, so that kept him entertained most every night. It was also theme week and picture day at school so I got to fix his hair “crazy” one day with daddy’s gel 😉

IMG_1728 IMG_1725  IMG_1718IMG_1749IMG_1724

Chad and I have been doing the Hello Fresh meal deliveries for a few months, and we found a meal that Ryder loves almost as much as beans and cheese! It is mushroom bourgenion of all things. Chad has made it several times since and Ryder always licks the bowl clean. Ryder even helped us clean up after one meal. If you want to try Hello Fresh let me know and I will send you a discount code!

IMG_2097 IMG_2100IMG_2065

We started Halloween week right before Ryder’s 22 month birthday, and he wore his train engineer costume to music class. He looked adorable! I found the hat and overalls from this shop on Etsy.


This is the damage tornado Ryder can do in one afternoon… it should be noted that my mom was babysitting at the time!

IMG_1868 IMG_1871 IMG_1873

I may do a separate post for all of our Halloween activities, but until then here are some more pictures to tide you over.

IMG_1389 IMG_1448 IMG_1486 IMG_1500IMG_2115
Until next time friends.


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