Ryder Lane at 21 Months


Well our busy little bee didn’t slow down at all this past month! The theme of September was football, football, football!


We managed to mostly stay away from the doctor this month, other than right at the beginning. I think he is still around 23 pounds and 32.5 inches. He wears 12 month shorts and 18 month shirts and pjs. Some 18 month stuff just slides right off of him!

We started off the month with one last Sunday trip to the pool. Farewell to summer from our little water baby.

IMG_0716 IMG_0739

We stayed super busy Labor Day weekend! It was the first home Tech game of the season, and we waited too long to find a sitter, so Ryder came with us. My parents have new indoor/outdoor seats which were super nice since it was insanely hot for that game. Ryder did pretty well considering his nap was way off. The next day we went down to the lake with Chad’s family. Ryder had his first boat ride, and enjoyed the water of course! On Labor Day, we went out to my brother’s house for a cookout and some horseback riding. Ryder had just woken up from a nap, and would not let go of his sippy cup! Silly boy!

IMG_0805  IMG_0833 IMG_0832 IMG_0846IMG_0888 IMG_0892 IMG_0915 IMG_0921 IMG_0926 IMG_0930

The next weekend was another home game, and we took Ryder again! He has done so well at the games, and he is also a pro at doing the “guns up”! This was the celebrate cotton game, so we all wore white. I did happen to take a fall down the stairs at this game, and I am still not completely back to normal. Note to self, those stairs are slick! After the game we had dinner with some of our favorite people, the Rossi’s. 😉 Then we drove out to Buffalo Springs Lake to watch the “Balloon Glow”. Fortunately we found a spot on the side of the road so we didn’t have to pay the ridiculous admission fee! Ryder loved the balloons.

IMG_1003 IMG_1047 IMG_1051 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1069 IMG_1072 IMG_1074

The weekend after that we got a visit from Ryder’s Aunt Cindy, aka Santa Cindy. He had fun playing with his new toy, and listening to music with her on the patio at Abuelos. We also took him for ice cream that night, and Mr. Independent insisted on feeding himself. The vanilla just happened to be dyed blue, so he was a hot mess!

IMG_1120 IMG_1123 IMG_1132 IMG_1139 IMG_1141

We had to say goodbye to another cousin this month. Kyle is starting his mission journey, and we were happy and sad to send him off! We did get to see my uncle and cousin from Houston, though, that same week! It had been a while.


IMG_1218 IMG_1226

This picture is very Ryder lately! He found this hat in the car and had to wear it! He also never leaves home without his pillowcase lovie! He is obsessed with hats, shoes, and sunglasses lately not to mention hand sanitizer! I just love it.


We had our very first Chuckie Cheese birthday party this month, and Ryder had a blast! Kate was so sweet with him again, so he did not want to leave her side! He kept saying “Kate”! He also loved all of the games even though he wasn’t quite big enough for some of them. Happy 2nd Tanner!

IMG_1259 IMG_1268 IMG_1270

We had yet another football game to end the month, and it was Ryder’s best yet! The weather was nice so we were able to sit outside. Ryder loved dancing to the band and music over the speakers. The end of the game wasn’t so great, but I was proud of Ryder! We are starting him young!

 IMG_1316  IMG_1326 IMG_1329

To finish off Ryder’s 21st month, we took him to the fair! I think he had fun! I did not get a lot of pictures because it was so crowded and hard to push a stroller and take pictures. He did like the petting zoo and all of the animals, though.


I can’t believe he is so close to 2! He does act like it some days for sure. We have him in a parent and me “music and movement” class. He is the youngest in there and can be quite ornery! He has also started throwing kicking, screaming fits on the ground for the silliest things! The other night it was because I turned the lights off after he left the room. Oh, and beware if you get him out of bed before he is ready! He gets that from me for sure! As challenging as some days are, his hugs are the best and his smile can melt a room.

IMG_0985 IMG_1145 IMG_1154

His new words this month included: outside, bath, mess, love you, wet, please, more, done, mine, Jeep, Kate, and boo. He calls any dog he sees, “Roo”, which is our nickname for Scooter. He can also point to all of his body parts like hair, teeth, ears, nose, belly, etc. Our smart little guy has started putting away his toys, and he throws away his own trash. We got a new towel in the mail, and he immediately took it and put it away in the right drawer!

As always, here are a few more favorites from this month including a side by side of baby me and Ryder.

IMG_1275 IMG_1158 IMG_0995 IMG_0771 IMG_0764


Until next time friends.

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