Ryder Lane at 20 Months


Busy… busy, busy, busy, busy. I try not to wish seasons of life away, ever, but man it is hard to stay caught up sometimes! Using this as Ryder’s baby book helps keep me accountable, though, so better late than never right?! For the record, I have had this ready to go for a couple of days, I just kept having technology issues.

So, month 20, we have ourselves a smart little booger!

I mentioned in the last post it was the Summer of strep, right? Well if not, let me say it again… BOOO! Ryder and Chad both had strep 3 times this summer. So from all of those doctor’s appointments I think by the end of month 20, Ryder was close to 23 pounds and 32.5 inches. I know he is over 23 pounds now because we have already had another sick visit, double BOO! 😦



To keep from going crazy with all the sickies, we spent a lot of time playing outside and in the water this month. He never gets tired of it! We also made a couple more trips to the Leisure Pool, but we had some weird cold/rainy Sundays that kept us at home. Our friend Erica even joined us for a trip to the pool one day! Of course we had to have a little get together at our house while she was in town. The kids had so much fun playing!


As to my smart little booger…. we have magnetic locks on all of the cabinets and big drawers. Here he is trying to figure it out. He can turn them off once the door is opened, and he has even tried to use the magnetic key to open them himself! Fortunately he hasn’t figured out that finesse yet.


We have continued to be interested in books this month, and it is amazing how much Ryder picks up on! He knows a lot of his body parts now and follows along with the I Love You Through and Through book. He also enjoyed an Eric Carle zoo book with sounds.


He also still loves to dance! His teacher even told us he is a dancing machine at daycare! I love this little video, and my dad says it is a glimpse into the future with him on his phone in the car :-0

Unfortunately we had to say a temporary goodbye to our cousin, Kelsay, this month. She is going to be living abroad for a while. Ryder was obviously distraught at her leaving! Ha!


In addition to playing outside a lot this month, we found a few parks and made several trips to those playgrounds! Ryder loves it! He even tries to manage the big kid play grounds. We just have to make sure and catch him on the slide instead of focusing on getting a good picture πŸ˜‰ In my defense, they are great pictures! He was just a little scared one time where he got going too fast.


We made a trip out to the Bayer Museum one night this month for a fun food event. Ryder had a blast exploring!

IMG_0656 IMG_0627

I can’t even keep up anymore with all of Ryder’s words. I try to write them all down in my phone but seriously some days its more than one new word a day! I know some of his new words this past month were: shoes, that, banana, car, quack, okay, balloon, hot dog, cheese, and no. He says “cheese” for the camera now (see picture below) πŸ˜‰ ! The “no” was funny because previously when I said no he would shake his finger at me, but now he started saying “no no” and points to whatever it is he shouldn’t be doing. This video is of him saying “banana”, he usually makes a mess of the pronunciation and thinks its hilarious.


As far as other new developments, he has started showing some pretend play. He will get in his little red car and wave bye to us. He is also starting to get a hold of things and “hide” them. He has thrown stuff in our bathtub and dirty clothes hamper. He can now climb on the couch by himself completely unassisted. He likes to give us heart attacks by hanging off the ends. He can walk backwards now as well. There was also one day where he got into the pantry, found the goldfish, brought them to me and signed “eat”. He can be crazy silly, and loves to put on a show for new people. Another new development is that he has started sleeping with ALL of his lovies, and seems to notice when one is missing… like when one desperately needs to be washed. I have finally ordered a back up pillowcase so maybe at least we won’t have to go through those tears again πŸ˜‰


Ryder’s fruit of the month was blueberries and he could eat up to half a container at a time. This month, though, he won’t touch them.

This is such a unique age. Ryder gives the best hugs and kisses and can make you melt into a puddle on the floor one minute…. then the next minute you can both be so frustrated that he is throwing a kicking, screaming fit! Ah, so much to look forward to with terrible twos. I have no idea where he gets his stubbornness and independence from. Ha!

I will leave you with more favorite pictures from this month.


Until next time friends.


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