Ryder Lane at 19 Months


I know, I have been a little absent and seriously late in posting his 19 month update! We stay busy with this little guy until he goes to bed, and by then I am usually too tired to think much less type! 😉 Well better late than never right?!

IMG_9863 IMG_9860

Ryder started and ended this month with strep throat 😦 , so with all those appointments we know his weight is up to 22 pounds and he is 32 inches. During his first round of strep I thought we should pull out a birthday toy that I had kept put away since he had so many new things between Christmas and his birthday! Anyways, it was a LOT of assembly required, and Ryder was such a cute, sickly helper. His other favorite toy this month was his Little People Noah’s Ark.

IMG_9114 IMG_9115 IMG_9118

We kept up our routine of going to the pool every Sunday this month and Ryder loved it. It is so fun to see him enjoying the splash pad area! We also took some lessons at the YWCA and Ryder is doing great at blowing bubbles and kicking his legs. I love this video of him, he is just so happy!

IMG_9048 IMG_9054 IMG_9153 IMG_9154 IMG_9155  IMG_9588 IMG_9619 IMG_9413

We also had a blast celebrating the 4th this year since Ryder was able to enjoy it all a lot more. We went out to Ransom Canyon to spend the 3rd with my parents. We ate at the cookout on the island out there, played with some sparklers, then watched the Buffalo Springs Lake fireworks. Ryder was so adorable watching us do sparklers. He didn’t want to get too close, but he was so animated! He also loved the firework show and kept saying “boom” throughout it (turn up the volume on that second video to hear his sweet little voice). That sweet little smocked outfit was one my grandmother picked out for him. Chad didn’t love it as much as I did 😉

IMG_9168 IMG_9177 IMG_9192 IMG_9195 IMG_9204 IMG_9205


On the 4th we kept up the tradition of going to Levelland and hanging out with the sweet people on Hwy 385. There is always a ton of food and maybe two tons of fireworks. Not kidding. It was even more fun this year since Nicole’s family was in town! My favorite part, though, was watching Kate with Ryder. She was just so sweet with him. I was the same way when I was little (always watching the younger kids), and I loved seeing how much he already looked up to her. Kate kept me informed on what Ryder was doing, and kept asking if he could have a sleep over! She even offered up her brother’s crib! Ha! They had a ball together!

DSCN3958DSCN3965IMG_9263 IMG_9274

IMG_9283 IMG_9285 IMG_9288 IMG_9296

We wanted to see Auntie Nicole one more time before they headed home to Arizona, so we had round 3 of fireworks at her parent’s house in Levelland. Sweet kiddos! Ryder also enjoyed their homemade ice cream.

IMG_9341 IMG_9345 IMG_9346IMG_9344

Ryder was super attached to Scooter this month, much to Scooter’s dismay. I don’t know if I have ever said the word “gentle” more times in my life than I did the past month! Scooter is so loving, though, and never makes a fuss.

IMG_9448 IMG_9491

We made a couple of trips to the Science Spectrum this month, and it amazes me how much Ryder picks up each time. At first he was calling the fruit “balls” then he watched the other kids and proceeded to get a basket and pick out his groceries. Smart cookie! He is always trying to put things back together now, and gets into every single drawer in the house! He also figured out how to open doors. Chad had to up his baby-proofing game.

IMG_9515 IMG_9517 IMG_9519 IMG_9523

We also made a couple of trips out to visit Ryder’s miniature horse, Turbo this month. He loses interest really quickly, but loved showing off for Kate when they came to visit!

IMG_9663 IMG_9677 IMG_9784 IMG_9801 IMG_9840

I feel like Ryder is even growing up taking baths now! He gets his own wash cloths out of the drawer, and rinses his hair out under the faucet. That kid LOVES water.


We finally found a meat Ryder will eat, well sort of… hotdogs! He has eaten 2-3 at a time! Crazy boy! Fortunately Chad only buys the all beef, and we celebrated National Hot Dog Day with friends which is always a good excuse. Mommy tip: I cut them up into triangles since they are a major choking hazard. He still loves bean and cheese burritos, but he could also eat his weight in strawberries, bananas, and blueberries!

IMG_9383 IMG_9710

If you can’t already tell, Ryder is just developing at lightening speed these days! He is signing and picking up new words daily! His list of spoken words includes: whoa, boom, hot, momma, dada, uh oh, ball, thank you, bye. Anything round is a ball, which I love because that is completely appropriate developmentally for this age! He also knows what hot means and uses it for candles and outside (concrete). He signs for: please, more, all done, thank you, hot, cold, and eat. It is really helpful that he is starting to be able to tell us what he wants! He also knows what all done means and has used it at the doctor’s office! Bless him! Oh and another example of how much he understands now, Chad and I went for a jog and when it was over I asked him how we did… he clapped! LOL!


Ryder is getting a little bit longer of an attention span and will actually watch almost an entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He is also patient enough to read a book or two most nights now! His favorite books are: “I Love You Through and Through”, “Wherever You Are”, and “Mr. Brown can Moo”. I highly recommend that “Wherever You Are” book for any sappy momma hearts out there.

IMG_9686 IMG_9748

He really is a joy and I love him more than he will ever know. I especially enjoy how interactive he is now and watching him learn. Since we only have a couple of more weeks until Ryder is 20 months old, maybe you will be hearing from me sooner rather than later! I will leave you with some sweetness from a quick photo shoot we had.

edited P19-424b2


Until next time friends.



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