Ryder Lane at 18 Months

I can’t believe he is a year and a half old! Those 6 months really do go by in a blink!


IMG_9005 IMG_9011IMG_9013

At his 18 month well-check he weighed 21.38 pounds (he has been hovering right around 21.5 pounds the last few appointments) and was 32 inches (they always tell us something different depending on who measured him, but the pedi decided to just go with 32). He is in the 14% for weight on the normal growth chart and 36% for length. His head is still in the 73%! As much as he eats sometimes it is surprising he hasn’t gained more, but he is perfect just the way he is! He is still wearing 12 month shorts, but he is in 18 month shirts and pjs. There are still times where I will put some shorts on him and they fall right off! Poor thing just doesn’t have a rear end, kind of like his Uncle Johnny!

I know I say this all the time, but this really is such a fun age! The highlight of last month was our family vacation to San Diego, which you can read about here, but we started off the month with a new addition to the family! My brother and mom bought Ryder (and all future grandchildren) a miniature horse named, Turbo. She is sooo teeny! It is adorable! Ryder met her one evening after dinner, so he was getting tired. I am sure he will be so much more excited next time he sees her! My mom also bought an adorable teeny saddle for Ryder to use on her. He can’t wait to introduce his friends to her too, hopefully soon!

IMG_7949 IMG_7957

Ryder mastered his walking and running skills this month! He was running up and down the ramp and climbing the stairs outside of my office one day. He is VERY independent, and it is a struggle to get him to hold hands.

IMG_7980 IMG_7986

We ate a lot of ice cream and strawberries this month! I think he could eat his weight in strawberries and bananas. He still likes bean and cheese burritos and grilled cheese sandwiches, but he has branched out a tiny bit more for us. At least I know he will eat fruit!

IMG_8030 IMG_8032 IMG_7990

We also really enjoyed the water this month. Ryder’s daycare does splash day on Thursdays. They basically just set up a sprinkler on the patio and let the kids run through it. The teacher told us that no matter how cold the water is, Ryder still has a ball! We also bought him a water table for our backyard. That water is still sometimes freezing, but he dumps it right over his head! We finally made it out to the Leisure Pool at Tech this month, and it was so much fun to see Ryder enjoy it all! Last summer he was still so small and too young to play. He loves the splash areas this year! We are trying to go once a week to get his water fix šŸ˜‰ Playing in the water sure does make a boy tired, though!

IMG_8013 IMG_8025 IMG_8047 IMG_8067 IMG_8152 IMG_8169 IMG_8186 IMG_8197 IMG_8219 IMG_8231

As far as language, Ryder has really taken off this month! He signs for: more, please, all done, eat, and towards the end of the month started using “thank you”! He pretty much uses “please” now instead of “more”! It is adorable! Except, if you know the sign for please, then you know he rubs his chest. Well I have asked him to say “more please” a few times during dinner, and forget that his hands are covered in food! Needless to say, we never come away from a meal with a clean shirt! He still says : uh oh, bye, ball, rooroo (Scooter), and he started meowing and mooing. We can ask him what Sukie says and he will meow. I tried to video it one night, but it wasn’t his cutest performance. We also count to three a lot for fun things, like “one,two,three jump” or something. Well he will say “two, three” now after we say “one”! He loves to blow kisses (especially to girls) and waves to everyone! He will even shake his finger “no” at you if you tell him no! Ryder recently started clapping for himself every time he does something he is proud of. I remember my friend’s daughter doing that, and it is so cute! I love that he does it when conquers something hard. He is also figuring out that we talk on our phones, and has started holding them up to his ear! Our pedi says he is right on track with language, especially since he is using a lot of signs. That is such a relief after all of his ear issues this past year! Hopefully these current tubes hang out for a while.


Scooter ended up being away for about a week with our trip to San Diego. I think Ryder really missed him, and it was so cute when they were reunited! Ryder was just a little cuddle bunny! Not sure if Scooter appreciated it as much, ha! He was probably enjoying his vacation from the little hands.


Ryder still has his lovie obsession, and if anything it got stronger this month! Anything soft, and he goes to town on that thumb. His daycare actually takes away his lovie unless it is nap-time, because the other kids would try and take it. During and after our trip, Ryder got attached to that orange cat. It is in his crib now too. So seeing how much he loves all things soft, it was a super fun surprise to get a pillow for Ryder’s 18 month birthday! I mean a soft, minky pillow case is like this kid’s love language! He carries that pillow case around with him now almost as much as his red cow lovie! Thank you so much Rossi’s!

IMG_8977 IMG_8980

I will leave you with a few cute other pictures from our shenanigans in June!

IMG_7969 IMG_8035 IMG_8110 IMG_8306IMG_8312


Well that wraps up last month! We have already had a ton of fun things go down this month, so check back for the 19 month post! Let’s just say this kid is not afraid of firecrackers!

Until next time friends.


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