Ryder Lane at 17 Months


So I feel like we were barely limping across the finish line this month. Ryder has been super sick the last week or so, on top of teething. More on that later!


At our doctor’s appointments in the last week Ryder weighed 20.57 lbs and was still roughly 30 inches. I still think he’s taller. He is officially in 18 month pj’s, but still wears 12 month shorts.

We started the month off with some nice weather and took lots of walks. Ryder must have felt like he was in a parade because he waved the whole time! Ha! He also helped me make some cute teacher appreciation gifts this month. Help might be an understatement since he was over it about half way through the project. They still turned out cute, though. You can see my inspiration source on my last post, here!


We also had Mother’s Day this month and Ryder’s daycare teachers outdid themselves! So much cute stuff! I have all of it on display still! Chad bought me some pretty flowers and a gorgeous ring. My mom and I went to Ryder’s Muffins with Mom at daycare earlier in the week. On Sunday, we had brunch at the Tech Club with my family then dinner with Chad’s family. It was a fun day!


We had another NICU reunion this month and it was so cute with a SuperHero theme! Ryder went as Batman. He really did have a rough month in general cutting his molars, so he wasn’t exactly feeling it that day, but we did OK. I was disappointed that we did not see Dr. Bowman or some of our favorite nurses, but maybe next year. We were able to see our sweet neighbors there, and also had dinner with them this month!


Ryder was being transitioned to a new class at daycare this month and they told us he came back to his old class just walking up a storm! Well he still wouldn’t take more than a few steps for us at home, so when we had a doctor’s appointment one day I decided I was going to ask about it…..naturally, he started walking all over the waiting room! That will show me. He seems to prefer to walk now over crawling, and despite looking super unsteady still, he seems to have pretty good balance. He is also into EVERYTHING! He likes all drawers and cabinets and will go from one side of the house to the other in seconds. He likes to carry small bottles so he particularly enjoys cleaning out my bathroom cabinet and finding hair product samples he can carry around. We took some to the doctor’s office one day, oops! He is getting to the point where he wants to get down in stores and walk himself, some days I give in to that battle. 😉


So our Memorial Day weekend was not much fun because Ryder woke up the Friday before with a horrible sounding cough. Our pedi was already off for the holiday, so we took him to a clinic. I kept us entertained with a new app on my phone. I think I had more fun with the videos than he did! The doctor there diagnosed him with bronchitis, pink eye, and an ear infection. Well even with antibiotics, he seemed to be getting worse. His fever was getting up to 103 unless we did Motrin or Tylenol every 3 hours on the dot. We took him back to a different clinic on Sunday and they did a viral panel to check for walking pneumonia and other viruses. There was actually a pediatrician working that day, and he was so nice to call us with the results himself on Memorial Day! Ryder ended up having the rhino virus and adenovirus, which the adenovirus kicked his little booty. He ended up having fevers for a week! His cough was also keeping him up all night so we finally got some breathing treatments to try and help that. I am happy to report that he woke up today fever free finally! I am looking forward to a much more enjoyable and exciting weekend! Ryder is such a trooper, though. I was even able to sneak in a few extra snuggles that I don’t get much of anymore. Oh and Chad’s birthday was last Sunday the 24th, and poor guy had to spend it in the clinic with us sickies! We did make it out to a dinner and movie that night, and Ryder did great for my parents so that was good!


I also came down with an Upper Respiratory Infection last weekend, but by Tuesday I had decided that we all needed some sunshine! Ryder had a ball helping me plant flowers!


Not much else to report this month. Ryder did have a phase where he liked to put shoes on his hands and crawl around like that! He also said “uh oh” a LOT! More recently he started to clap for himself when we tell him good job, and he still loves to dance! He has gotten up on the couch or chair a few times and kicked back to watch t.v., it is hilarious! He is also starting to get a lot more aggressive when he plays with Scooter, so we are trying to rein that in!


So here’s hoping this next month is much healthier and happier! We also have a family vacation coming up soon, and I can’t wait!


Until next time friends.



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