Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Party I’ve Hosted

Favorite Party I've Hosted

Linking up again for Show and Tell Tuesday! This week’s topic is “Favorite Party I’ve Hosted”. If you know me well, you know I love to be the hostess! I love dinner parties and themed parties alike! For a while we would have themed dinners with our friends based on the ingredients. We would either do all ingredients that started with a certain letter, or a certain color, or a certain nationality. It was really fun! We also were able to be very creative! We even had an iron chef challenge one time with a secret ingredient and judges! I also had a “favorite things” Christmas party one year.

Of course I LOVED planning Ryder’s first birthday, but you can see all the details for that here. The topic for today’s post is our gender reveal party! I was so excited to let everyone find out if we were having a boy or girl all gathered at the same place and time! I put a lot of thought in to doing our gender reveal, and I wanted something that I had not seen done before. A cake reveal was too mundane, and balloons had been overdone. I scoured Pinterest and blogs, until I found a picture of a silly string reveal! Jackpot! So now I knew how I wanted to do the reveal, we just had to make it happen! You can find the inspiration for most of my party decorations on my Pinterest “Bump” board here.

We knew we had an ultrasound scheduled when I was around 15 weeks. The problem was not knowing if we would for sure find out the gender. It was also the Wednesday before Labor Day and a lot of people were heading out of town! I decided to go ahead and have everyone on stand-by for a party on Thursday evening, should we find out. I started the party prep a few days before with chalkboard signs and a menu. I found printable bowties and bows, and we printed them on label paper so we could see what everyone’s guess would be.

It was finally time for the ultrasound, and I had been having dreams it was a girl! As soon as the wand touched my belly, they told us it was a boy! I was in shock! He was positioned just right, haha! Afterwards, Chad and I headed for Party City and bought them out of blue silly string. That stuff was expensive, so we bought as many as we could but a few people would have to share. I sent out a text invite with a picture that Alisa had taken for us and the info using the Rhonna Designs app. Excuse the very professional editing below, I was trying to cover up the address.  Chad’s aunt was gracious enough to let us use her backyard/patio for the party. They did not know we were going to use silly string, though, so that was a surprise too!


We worked like crazy the night before the party because I still had to go in and work the next day up until the party. Hobby Lobby was my lifesaver! I had one chalkboard with my answers to all of the old wive’s tales. I had another where we could keep track of who was guessing boy and who was guessing girl. I used scrapbook paper so people could write down name suggestions for us. I used craft paper and ribbon to cover the silly string cans so that it was a surprise until the silly string went flying! We had also picked up pink and blue balloons and streamers from Party City. We had ice cream sundaes for the party, and my sweet friend Chelsea made us cake pops! I think I also had my favorite donut hole fruit skewers! So side note and lesson learned: We were running around like CRAZY that day before the party, and I knew we would only have desserts and sweets there for everyone to eat. It was starting a little later so I assumed everyone would eat before they came! Chad and I picked up a couple of pizzas on our way to Chad’s aunt’s house so that WE would have something to eat. Well when we got there I was even more crazy trying to decorate and get everything ready. By the time I went inside for pizza, it was all gone! Our guests had eaten all of it on their way out to the patio! Ha! So next time we either need to hide the food better, or eat before we come!

old wivessilly stringbowties and bows1185799_10101728055869148_2016363176_n

Chad’s aunt’s house is out in the country and a bit hard to find. We kept trying to wait for the big reveal until one guest could make it who was lost… but everyone was losing patience! We finally lined up the team pink on one side and team blue on the other and let them spray away! It took a minute for the silly string to hit the ground so everyone could see that it was blue, but they were so excited! Of course it was kind of a mess to pick up, but we had this cool giant blue silly string ball after it was all said and done!

1157458_10101728056068748_1815109553_n1236732_10101728059456958_1679463888_nmess1231331_10101728108678318_268575313_n  silly string ball

Afterwards we also showed everyone the ultrasound pictures that confirmed it 😉 It was a great night celebrating with friends and family! I’m not sure if I would go all out again like that for a future baby (should we be blessed with one), but I do like reveal picture ideas with glitter or paint! There are a ton more gender reveal ideas on the Dating Divas website here.


Until next time friends.

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