Ryder Lane at 16 Months

Let me preface this month’s post by saying that I took almost 400 pictures in this one month alone! Can you say busy?!


Ryder seems to be doing much better since getting his new set of ear tubes, but he did come down with croup this month. He didn’t act like he felt too terribly bad, but he was very hoarse and had a fever. At his appointment he weighed 20.39 pounds and measured 30.75 inches. He is finally outgrowing all of his 6-12 month jeans, but he still doesn’t quite fit into 18 month clothes!

He started giving sweet little kisses intentionally on our cheeks this month! He is particular, though, and it has to be his idea! He still says mama, dada, and uh oh the most regularly. We have also heard him say: ouch, bye, night night, baba for ball, and his favorite word (although we have no idea where he heard it from) is Beau. He pronounces it like the good old drawn out Southern name, Beeaaauu. He will yell for us now if one of us isn’t in the room with him. He also loves to be independent. He tries to brush his hair if you hand him the brush, and he really wants to feed himself with a spoon. He still loves to turn off lights too, and most nights he likes to get his teeth brushed. He is cutting molars this month so that hasn’t been as fun for him lately. Ryder finally started using his sign language too. They work on it at daycare, and I try to reinforce the ones I know at home. He started using “more” and “eat” this weekend. He also has a symbol for “all done”, but I’m not sure if it really is sign language.

He still isn’t quite walking. We have seen him take several steps in a row, but once he loses his balance he just starts crawling. I have a feeling he will be in a full on run once he gets the hang of it.

As far as foods, his favorites are still bean and cheese burritos and grilled cheese. Anything with cheese really will work for him. His favorite fruit seems to be strawberries. He would eat a ton of them if we let him. The newest obsession is ketchup, or anything he can dip his fries into. He doesn’t even eat fries really, he just dips them then sucks the ketchup off. He loves the fry sauce at Freddy’s (momma loves it too)!


So we stayed super busy this month, as I mentioned earlier. We started the month off with our neighbor friends’ birthday party. This sweet boy was also a preemie, and I am so excited about watching them grow up together! Ryder also went to his first baseball game that weekend. We ended up showing up about half way through the game, which was great because Ryder lost interest about 5 minutes after we got there! He just wanted to get down and play! It was fun for us, though, and Tech won!!!


We tried to take Ryder to Sesame Street Live this month, well that was just a disaster! I don’t know what I was thinking trying to take our 15 month old. I ended up having a stomach bug that day, and Ryder was teething and just not feeling great. It was all I could do to make it through just half of the show. Ryder had no interest in watching either. He still hasn’t really shown an interest in TV at this point so it was probably a long shot anyways. Maybe next year, if I can convince Chad to give it another go.


Next up we celebrated Easter! We took Ryder to see a very skinny Easter Bunny the day before Easter. He wasn’t scared or super impressed either. He did like his egg prize, though! We took him to the Science Spectrum later that afternoon, and ended up getting an annual membership! He loved it! He probably would have stayed a lot longer if we let him. He didn’t seem to get bored either! I know that place will just keep getting more and more fun for him! The next morning we gave Ryder his Easter basket from us. He got the “Lost My Name” book which is super cute, and some magnets for the fridge. I put little treats like yogurt melts in the eggs, and he loved opening them up! We ate with Chad’s family after church, and Ryder got to have his own little Easter egg hunt. He enjoyed opening them up, but we had to encourage him to keep going since he just wanted to play with the ones he already had! That night we had dinner with my family, and Ryder got to hunt a few more eggs. He also enjoyed a cupcake!



Ryder’s daycare was so sweet to send us this cute picture of him one Monday! I love to see that he is enjoying his time there. Ryder also enjoyed spending lots of time in his ball pit from his Uncle Johnny. It was a Christmas present, but I had been saving some of his presents since his birthday is so close to Christmas. I wanted him to have new things throughout the year.

IMG_6460 (1)IMG_6479

We finished up Ryder’s Spring session of swimming lessons this month. He really does seem to love the water! I can’t wait to take him to the leisure pool this Summer! Last Summer he didn’t know what to think of it all. Ryder’s teacher’s were really nice too, and gave us this sweet note afterwards.


Next up on the agenda was a trip to Ruidoso! Not sure if you remember the shenanigans from the last time we went, but that post is here. This time it was just the three of us, and it was nice to getaway. Of course, though, Chad woke up with a stomach bug the first morning we were there. We didn’t do much that day, and Ryder didn’t seem to be feeling great either. He had 3 blow outs over the course of that weekend. I was trying to research kid activities and found the Hubbard Museum. It said there was a kiddie corner, well it was literally just a little corner. Ryder was at least able to get some energy out! Sunday everyone seemed to be back to normal, and we had fun shopping around town. I was trying to convince Chad that Ryder is a good little traveler so that we can keep our trip booked to San Diego this Summer and fortunately, Ryder did pretty well in the car on the way there and back. He slept most of the way back, so we timed that well! Fingers crossed for this Summer!


Apparently Ryder was feeling much better by the time we got home. There was one evening where he was like a little tornado going through our house! First he climbed up on the fireplace while my back was turned for a split second. He LOST it when I made him get down. Next he started throwing everything he could find into our dirty clothes hamper. Finally, I found him in the office closet trying to tear up paper. So yes, he is all boy and all toddler it seems!


On the nights where his teething has been particularly rough, we take him out to swing. It still works everytime 😉


This past Saturday, the 25th, we participated in the March for Babies walk. I wrote a post on it last year, here. This cause is near and dear to our hearts now, and I loved being a part of our neighbor/friends’ team. Their son was a 26 weeker who is now over a year old. Ryder was so happy the morning of the walk, and did great with all of the festivities. We still didn’t win the t-shirt contest, but maybe next year 😉 I even helped Ryder walk across the finish line, and he was almost as proud of himself as we were of him! I was also fortunate to raise over $500 this year. Thank you to everyone who donated!


The last stop on this whirlwind month was my brother’s house. We took Ryder out to see the horses back in October (see here). He loved it then, so we were hoping he would love it this time too. We had seen my mom’s horse at Easter, but her horse wasn’t quite as friendly to Ryder. He did love the other horses in that barn, though. My brother’s horse is older and very gentle and sweet. He kept nudging Ryder because he wanted Ryder to pet him. We also let Ryder ride around on him for a bit. The horse would even stop if Ryder started to slip! Ryder was a little more distracted this time, and wanted to explore everything else out at the house so he didn’t last too long playing with Gopher. He was too cute in his little boots and jeans. My mom gave him the boots at Christmas, and they are still pretty big so he can wear them for a long while.


The only other development this month was Ryder’s full on attachment to his lovie. We cannot go anywhere or do anything without his red and cow print lovie! I mean like we can’t get in the car without it, or he will have a meltdown. His daycare teachers have tried to take it away to wash it when he gets it dirty, and he has a meltdown! I had to get the owner of My Cup of Tea here in Lubbock to make us another one as a backup since they stopped carrying them in store! At least we know that he can almost always be calmed with his lovie!


I’ll leave you with a few more pictures  and a super sweet video from this crazy month! Until next time friends.



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