Ryder’s Favorite Things: 15 Month Edition

Well Ryder is officially out of the baby stage. He is on the move all the time! Here are his current favorites, and the things we couldn’t live without!

sippy cup

Dr. Brown’s Sippy Cups– We tried every sippy cup out there. We finally realized that he actually drank more from these. They also have not leaked for us, unlike many of the others that claim leak proof! They are easy for him to hold too! I see now that this particular style was discontinued, but I still find them at Babies R Us.


Joovy Tricycoo– This was Santa’s gift to Ryder at Christmas, and he can’t get enough of it! When we keep it in our entryway, he is constantly going up to it wanting to go for a ride. It is easy for us to steer, and I feel like he is completely safe with it. We just push him around in it in the house too. I am so excited that it can grow with him too!




Babiators– Ryder is not a huge fan of having anything on his face, but these sunglasses seem to stay on the best! There also isn’t anything cuter than a baby in sunglasses!



Fisher Price Elephant Walker– We ended up with 3 walkers/push toys at Christmas. Ryder kept coming back to this one! It is the right height for him to be able to push, and it never fell over on him. We had others that would fall on top of him if he fell over. He also loves to sit on it and bounce!




Fisher Price Swing– This has been the best $20 we ever spent! It is so easy to put the swing up and take it down, so we leave it inside most of the time to keep it out of the wind and dirt. It does not take up too much space on our patio, and it puts Ryder to sleep almost every time ;-).




Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair– I may have blogged about this one before, but this is becoming so essential for us! It is so portable we have even taken it outside so he could eat on the patio with us! It has also proven to be very easy to clean!


That’s all for this time. Ryder has gotten a lot of new toys recently for Easter and just some I had been saving since Christmas. I’m sure he will have lots more to share soon!

Until next time friends.

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