Ryder Lane at 15 Months


I know I am super late this month! I was waiting for his 15 month well check to get his stats, then there was a glitch in their online medical record system! I had to call and get all the info since I didn’t write it down the first time! Let’s get to it, shall we?


Our little guy is still petite! He weighed 20 lbs 3 oz at his appointment last week, and he was 30 inches. This was actually shorter than the last time he got measured, but each nurse does it differently. I would suspect he is a little taller. He is right around the 13% for both on the normal growth chart. His head was 18.7 inches, the 69%!

Ryder spent the first week of this month with the grandparents while Chad and I were in Orlando. I had a conference, but we played some too (another blog post another day). We were able to Facetime with him a few times, but he had no idea what was going on! As I had mentioned in his 14 month post, we knew he was having problems with his tubes before we left. Our ENT was hoping we could clear the blockage in his right tube by regularly using hydrogen peroxide. By the time my mom got Ryder halfway through our trip, he was screaming in pain! It was such a helpless feeling being thousands of miles away and hearing him cry over the phone! He did get better the last few days she had him, but we saw our ENT first thing when we got back that next week. It turns out his tube had come out and was resting next to his ear drum. He also had significant hearing loss that day. We scheduled to replace the tube later that week. They also decided to take his adenoids out. After the procedure we learned that his left tube was almost all the way out too. He was not as angry coming out of surgery this time, just because they had done an iv and the poor thing could not wake up! We had to bribe him with a popsicle to get him to wake up enough to let us leave. He was pretty uncomfortable off and on for a few days, but I know it was the right decision! He is already babbling a lot more, and repeating more of our words.


We had our friend Kate’s 4th birthday party the next day, and Ryder was such a trooper! I think he still had fun despite not feeling his best. We also had a play date with Kate’s brother a few days later. We love the Pigg family!


Ryder is becoming more and more of a little boy every day. He had his first taste of dirt this month, and couldn’t get enough of it! Yuck! He is also a daredevil and tries to climb a lot! He loves to share, and one of his favorite things to do lately is turn off the lights!


We started up swimming lessons again for the Spring. We are still doing them at the Rec Center on campus for now. It is in the evenings twice a week, which is perfect. This summer it will change to 5 nights a week, which is a bit much for us. We will probably look for a different venue for lessons. I am excited that he is loving them so far!


We were able to play outside a lot this month too, and even ate on our patio one night. He loves it! He goes over to the patio door or his swing (which we keep inside) often. I am enjoying the sun staying up longer, which lets us get more time in outside (even though I despise the time change).


It was a quick month for sure, and this month is already flying by too!

IMG_5753 (1)IMG_5780IMG_5811IMG_6076IMG_6046

We were able to get a few pictures of Ryder for Easter, so I will leave you with those.


Until next time friends.

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