Ryder Lane at 14 Months

Well just like that another month has gone by. It is becoming a little more challenging to get the monthly pictures, but I might keep trying! Ryder had another doctor’s appointment yesterday, more on that later, but he was 19 lbs 11 oz and 30.5 inches long! Still just 13% for weight, but he jumped up to the 40% for length.


We have been giving Ryder a lot of different table foods this month, and hands down his favorite is bean and cheese burritos! I don’t know where he gets it, since we never eat beans at the house! That’s another food that my mom was allergic to so I never had them growing up, and I don’t have a taste for them now. At least that is an easy guaranteed he will eat kind of meal! He also likes mac and cheese, baked sweet potatoes, and eggs. His favorite fruit seems to be bananas, and he can eat a lot of them!


Ryder had to get another haircut this month, and she took a littler shorter than I probably preferred but he is so darn handsome! Ryder also had fun playing with Scooter this month, and practicing his walking. He still isn’t walking independently, but he loves to push his elephant walker around!


I was soooo excited for Valentine’s this year since it was Ryder’s first school party! We basically just watched the kid’s eat and then they played a little. His teacher’s made the cutest little picture for us and gave him some treats. Ryder was so worn out from the party that he fell asleep before he even ate dinner!  I used Ryder to try and win a contest at work for Valentine’s boxes. While I still think mine was the cutest, I did not win… alas, I will try again next year! For Ryder’s Valentine’s we gave him 101 Dalmations and a cute little book about a boy and his dog 😉


Ryder had a blast at our sweet friend, Annabelle’s first birthday! He couldn’t get enough of their teepee so we had to make him one for our house too!


Even though he isn’t walking yet, we can’t take our eyes off of Ryder! He climbed onto the fireplace the other night and loves to get into blinds. He also still loves to swing when we have our 80 degree days amongst the freezing ones.


So one of the sweetest thing lately is how much Ryder loves his baths! As soon as he hears the shower curtain go back and the water turn on, he jets into the bathroom! He gets so excited and talkative! He is also doing great letting us brush his teeth every night before bed. Speaking of which, he is going to bed much earlier now, around 9! He still sleeps at least 10-11 hours every night, which is fabulous!


These next pictures are what Ryder does while we cook! When Ryder gets home from daycare he just wants to be held, and we are usually trying to get dinner ready. The solution? Let him empty out “his” cabinet. I do mean empty it out. It keeps him entertained and quiet, though! He has also started another sweet thing where he wants to give us whatever he has, I guess he is learning to share. He still won’t let go of his favorite’s, but nothing is cuter than when he tries to give you a drink or a bite of his food. As far as his favorites… in the last few weeks he has taken socks, a hanger, lovie blankets, and his horse to daycare. He was particularly attached to his horse, and the teacher said he did not set it down all day! He cried when the other kids tried to play with it. Sweet boy.


Ryder has still struggled with ear infections this month, but after a visit to the ENT today we hope we can correct it at home. One of his tubes is plugged, and his pedi said his ear looks awful. Poor thing! The pedi also said Ryder is used to them by now, so the only way we know he has one is if he pulls on his ear. We are hoping some hydrogen peroxide will clear up the plug, and if not they will put a new tube in.

I was excited to spend Ryder’s 14 month birthday with a snow day! Even though he had a doctor’s appointment, we had fun trekking through the snow. Scooter also had an appointment today, and it was adorable to watch them in the back seat! Ryder kept holding on to Scooter’s ear.


Well Chad and I are about to head out to Orlando for a work trip for me, and a few days of vacation too. I’m hoping Ryder stays well while we are gone.

Until next time friends. I’ll leave you with some other pictures from this month, including Ryder being terrified of Raider Red!



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