Ryder Lane at 13 Months


So my mom posed a question I hadn’t really thought about, she asked if I was going to keep doing Ryder’s monthly pictures. I had not intended to as I know that continuing to count in months can annoy some people, but on the other hand I needed some accountability to continue to document our lives! This is his living baby book after all! So maybe I can keep this up for another year. I just got the first year of this blog printed into a book, so I would love to have a year book for each year going forward as well!


Ryder’s 13th month was not our best. He did not go more than a couple of days feeling well at a time! Poor guy had strep, pink eye, adenovirus, double ear infections, and a stomach bug all in this month! Chad was also sick most of this month on antibiotics for at least 3 weeks. I think we were just in survival mode this month. I was trying to make up as much time as I could at work, and we were dealing with a very cranky baby when we were at home. We did get in lots of cuddles, and the moments he felt well were wonderful!


We started off the month with Ryder’s competitive debut! He was selected to participate in the diaper derby during the Tech men’s vs UT basketball game! He was crawling up a storm in the staging area, and I thought for sure he would perform…. but alas, he froze on the starting line! He was quite proud of his sippy cup prize, and I think we all had fun! Chad’s parents sat in the suite with us during the game, and Ryder took a good long nap after his time in the spotlight. Ryder also enjoyed a couple of other basketball games with us and my parents!

IMG_4614IMG_4625IMG_4629IMG_4631IMG_4636  IMG_4649 (1)IMG_4825

We have been trying to transition to table foods and whole milk, but it has been difficult with all of his sicknesses this month. His teachers at daycare said he is doing great with table food there, but we haven’t found much at home that he won’t just throw on the floor! He seems to like beans and pizza, ha! He is also getting pretty independent, and likes to use the spoon to feed himself!


Speaking of daycare, we really love his teachers right now! They are so thoughtful and send home the sweetest notes! This one makes me proud! I also love his little crafts!


Ryder continues to get more mobile and more curious! Some might dread this stage, but I find myself proud even when he discovers he can unroll the toilet paper! He cruises along the furniture, and can walk behind his push toys. His favorite thing on Earth is his tricycle. If he is super fussy, Chad will just push him around the house in it and he is content. They are so cute too when they make deliveries around the house, usually water for the humidifiers! Ryder will make sure to hold on to the cargo! We have had some very warm January days, so he has also been able to take a lot of rides in the tricycle outside! He also still loves his dog, Scooter, and hopefully soon he will understand the word “gentle”!

IMG_4603IMG_4754IMG_4698IMG_4829IMG_4668IMG_4657IMG_4834 IMG_4705


Ryder still says mama and dada, but lately he has started saying “uh oh” when he drops something and it is the most adorable thing ever! He sounds so sweet when he just babbles quietly to himself, and you can see his wheels turning. He has also started saying “ba” which may be for ball or bottle?


I think my favorite thing that Ryder does is how as soon as he finds something soft to hold with one hand, he starts to suck his thumb. It is hard to describe, but it really is so sweet! I was at Michaels one day and he was cuddling with the pom poms and sucking his thumb!


I am hoping and praying for better health this month. I know Ryder wants to get back to normal too. He fights so hard to still smile on the sick days. I will leave you with a few pictures from Ryder’s 1 Year shoot with Alisa! Until next time friends.


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