Ryder Lane at 12 Months

In the blink of an eye, our baby turned 1! His 12th month of life was quite busy with all of the holidays so I will do a separate post for his birthday party and Christmas.


Ryder’s 12 month well check was rescheduled, but at his last appointment he was 18.94 pounds and he was 29.5 inches. Update: At Ryder’s 12 month well check his weight was 19 lbs 5 oz which is 16th% on the normal growth chart, and his length was 29.5 inches the 26th%!  His head is in the 46%. The pedi said Ryder is doing great and right where he should be! He is getting a belly, but I always remind people that he had to work hard for it! He is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 12 month clothes. Some 9 month still fit, but the length is always questionable.


Ryder is soooo mobile now. It was like overnight he started crawling on his knees and pulling up on everything. He wants to climb so bad. He is really fast, and we can’t turn our back for a second. His favorite things are still cords, but now he also likes to go to the utility room to play with Sukie’s water and food. He is good about clearing books off my shelves and emptying out cabinets. He also enjoyed unwrapping presents and undecorating the tree this month!


He got another hair cut this month, and looked so big! It was his worst hair cut to date, though. He knows how to shake his head “no” now and shook his head the whole time she was trying to cut it!


He also had a few more play dates this month with Kate, Tanner, and Alice, and Annabelle. He seemed to do pretty well sharing, so far. At least we have plenty of toys for everyone to play with when they come over!


Ryder has been super attached to these little felt animals and it is so adorable when he crawls around with them. He is also starting to get attached to his lovies again. His favorite color still seems to be orange and his favorite animal seems to be a giraffe.

We have been giving Ryder more table food this month, and I let him try some Gerber raviolis. He did really well feeding himself!


Ryder does pretty well with saying mama and dada. I think he tried to say no, no once and maybe bye, bye. He LOVES to shake his head “no”, and seems to know what it means; however, he will keep doing what you tell him not to. Ryder also likes to give high fives! He does have a temper and seems to have his mom’s stubborn streak. I kind of love that, though. He knows what he wants!

Ryder really is the sweetest thing. I can never get enough of his laugh and cuddles. I love how he lights up when he sees us. I said on Facebook on my 30th birthday that I was so at peace and content. I feel like that was true of Ryder’s whole first year. He completes me, he completes us and our family. That anxiety and yearning that I felt has been replaced with so much happiness and joy. I am better because of him. He made me a mama. I can’t wait to see how Ryder’s personality continues to develop in his second year. I continue to pray that we are the best parents we can be and that he just becomes the most well rounded, generous, loving, and kind grown man that he can be.


Until next time friends.


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