Decking our Halls

I realize this post is a bit out of date, but better late than never!

If you know me well, you know that the day after Christmas has traditionally been my favorite day of the year! Why the 26th you ask? Because I LOVE Christmas stuff and I especially love stocking up on it for half price! Even in college I had quite the hand me down collection of all things Christmas. I was the only 20 year old I knew who had a full size tree and closet full of décor. As I have gotten older and moved a few times, the hand me downs have been replaced with new. My mom and I usually hit up Dillards, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Holland Gardens the day after Christmas. The past couple of years I have said I didn’t need much, but still came home with a lot! I even shopped last year not knowing that Ryder would come the next day!

The only problem with buying things a year ahead is that you might forget the intended purpose. For instance, I bought 12 giant red and green felt snow flakes last year, and for the life of me I have no idea what I intended to do with them. Maybe I will think of something for them next year.

Growing up we had to have a tree in every room, and I still follow that now. If I had a Christmas theme, it would probably be trees. I do have quite a few Santas too, though. We also get Christmas ornaments from every trip we go on, and I love having those on display.

Our big tree goes in our living room. When I first had a tree I had jewel toned pink, purple and red ball ornaments. We still use a lot of those with our ornaments from our travels mixed in. I also have a bit of a bird theme on our tree with some nests and robins. I love to wrap our tree in ribbon just for extra filler. Having a 12 month old this year was a bit different. I only put felt ornaments on the bottom portion of the tree and he repeatedly unwrapped the ribbon ;-). My grandmother bought me a gorgeous tree skirt one year and we still use it. It has the jewel tones too.


I like to put Santa’s, trees, nativities, and anything else Christmassy on our shelves by the fireplace. A lot of the trees on the top shelves are from Dillard’s and Target. Our stockings are from Pottery Barn Kids this year and the holders are from Target. I got the “Believe” banner online last year. Our Santa, gold presents, and gold reindeer are rather old so I am not sure where we got them. Ryder loves his little felt nativity that I got from Barque here in Lubbock.


In our entry I like to hang the Christmas cards we receive on our giant mirror. It is kind of tricky with glittery ribbon, so next year I plan to use burlap. I got our believe candles from Dillards a few years ago. They are so pretty lit up.


I don’t do much in our kitchen, but I do like our glittery ornament magnets on the fridge. I just bought cheap ornaments from Hobby Lobby and glued magnets on. The Santa painting above the stove is from Holland Gardens. I also have a pretty Santa painting on top of our cabinets from Kirkland’s a few years ago.



I still love my domed cake plate on our dining room table. It was probably my favorite wedding gift. I put different baubles inside for each season. I do ornaments for Christmas. I also usually add a few trinkets to our baker’s rack.


Chad and I each already had a collection of ornaments when we were married. My grandmother had always bought me the Hallmark Madame Alexander ornament and his parents had always bought him the Texas State Capitol ornament. We put my pink doll tree in the guest bedroom. The gold capitol tree is in Ryder’s room along with a few other pretties.


The tree in our bedroom was from when I was in college. I still love it. It needs help, though. I also have a little nativity in our room that came from Kirkland’s long ago.


My grandmother gave me a bunch of snowmen one year, so I put those in Chad’s office. I also have a manly tree for him in there.


And yes, we even have a tree in the guest bathroom.


I also have a tree in my office!


Chad is in charge of the exterior decorations, and he does a great job with our lights! He is quite the perfectionist when it comes to exterior lighting.


Like I said,  I love Christmas décor. I love the warmth and sparkle it brings. I did get a few more things last Friday on the 26th, but not much. In case you didn’t know, Hobby Lobby keeps their Christmas stuff half off the whole season now, and goes to 66% off afterwards. So that is a good time to stock up on wrapping supplies.

Until next Christmas friends. Looks like we will be spending our New Year’s taking all of this stuff down!

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