Ryder Lane at 11 Months



I feel like Ryder is becoming a toddler right before my eyes every day! He has developed quite the personality lately. He is very stubborn (no idea where he gets that from ūüėČ ), and can be such a ham in front of a crowd. We had to take Ryder to the pedi the other day for another cold/severe drainage. It later turned into double ear infections, but I digress. His weight is 18.56 pounds, 16% on the regular growth chart! His length was 29.5 inches, 58% on the regular growth chart. When someone comments that he is getting chubby, I remind them that he had to work extra hard for those rolls!



We had another busy month, starting with Halloween. I know we had a Halloween party in the last post, but the actual day was technically in his 11 month! So we went to lots of activities that week including Tech’s Trick or Treat and Ryder’s daycare had a Fall Festival. He was still too young to enjoy much of¬†it, but we had fun taking him around! The Tech thing was soooo crowded and kind of crazy, but they had a cute little chemistry magic show. I was kind of disappointed that the daycare didn’t have more activities for Ryder’s age group. We didn’t stay there long at all. We also went by our church’s trunk or treat and everyone loved Ryder’s gnome costume! I am sure Ryder will get much more enjoyment out of¬†Halloween next year!


Unfortunately, one of Ryder’s great grandfather’s passed away this month. He was Chad’s grandfather on his dad’s side. Ryder did not go to the service, but he did get to see and meet lots of family. Of course with our impeccable timing, I got a nasty stomach bug coming back from the funeral so that whole week was pretty rough. Ryder was a trooper, though, and did OK having his schedule all out of whack.


Ryder went to his first Tech game this month, and it was also my mom’s birthday! My dad got us¬†tickets on the¬†suite level¬†so it was a lot easier to take Ryder to the game with us. I don’t think we could have sat outside with him. He did really, really well! Everyone loved him! He even took a decent nap. Hopefully the next time he goes to a game we can get a win!


Ryder has gotten so much more mobile this month. He still mostly army crawls, but he is also pulling up on everything now. He is super fast! You can’t turn you back for a second or he is knocking over humidifiers and getting water everywhere… not that that has happened ;-). I love seeing his curiosity and determination. He still gets frustrated, though, when he can’t get himself all the way up or reach what he wants. He thinks I am hilarious, see the video below. He also loves to shake his head “no” and wave. I still can’t tell if he is shaking his head to say no, or if he is just dancing. It is quite hilarious when Chad or I will ask each other a question and Ryder starts shaking his head. His waving is adorable and he gets pretty enthusiastic about it sometimes. He jabbers a lot and says momamama and dadadadada, but I still don’t think he is saying it with purpose. It is really difficult to keep socks on him so I call him the one sock wonder, much to his Nonni’s dismay. He gets attached to random toys/objects depending on the day. Like lately it has been a book, or a hanger. He loves to chew on our shoes, bleh. His absolute favorite thing to play with, though, is cords!



Also this month, Ryder got to have an early, impromptu meeting with Santa and did great! My Aunt Cindy was in town and we took her to Holland Gardens since she had never been. The Santa was awesome and there was no line, so Ryder got lots of attention. I think the picture of Ryder looking at Santa is just magical! Speaking of Christmas, we got all of our decorations out while my parents watched Ryder one night. He did go straight for the tree, but I didn’t put anything breakable at the bottom. He likes to pull off the ribbon and try and pull up so he can get to the breakable ornaments. Fun times!



Even though Ryder is still just on baby food, he got to celebrate his first Thanksgiving this month. We went to my aunt’s house in Levelland and got to see a lot of my cousins the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Ryder ate mashed and sweet potatoes, then took a nap. My cousin Kelsay hadn’t seen him since he was 3 months old, look how much he has grown since then! On the actual Thanksgiving day, Ryder wasn’t feeling great (cue double ear infections), and took a really long nap. Chad went to his aunt’s house to get our meal to go. Ryder ate more mashed and sweet potatoes. I even let him feed himself, since it was a holiday and all.


As far as other foods, Ryder has had some banana pudding but wasn’t a huge fan. He likes to gnaw on bread, especially the biscuits at Cracker Barrel. He still likes his puffs and white grape juice when I let him have it (very rarely). He does have one bottom tooth now, it showed up on 11/11! I am still hesitant to give him anything too tough, though. I think teething on top of this cold/ear infection has been super hard on him. He has had a few cranky days, but he still manages to smile even on the bad days.


I am still trying to wrap my head around Ryder’s first Christmas and first birthday coming up in just a few WEEKS! We have Santa presents to buy, our presents, birthday presents, and a party to plan! Ahhh! I think we are about done shopping, so just keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that the weather cooperates for his first birthday on the 27th. In the meantime, I will be chasing our little fireball around the house!

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