Ryder Lane at 10 Months

Happy double digits Ryder!


I hope you are nice and comfy because this is going to be a long post! Ryder was a busy boy this past month.

As far as his stats, his weight was 17.88 pounds at his last appointment and his length was 28.5 inches. Still a growing boy! He was in the 15% for his weight on the regular growth chart. He is still wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 9 month clothes. He actually still wears 6 month shorts, but anything that has legs or feet in it he needs the 9 month size for length. He eats his baby food 3 times a day and still takes bottles in between. He still loves the Gerber Puffs, and started drinking from a sippy cup recently! Our pedi said we should only put water in it, but I have given him juice a couple of times. He is doing great with the cup!

Ryder started off his 10th month by getting some not so fun tubes in his ears. I was so pleased with the facility and how good they were with Ryder. They gave him a little bear when we got there, and he still loves that thing! He cuddles with it often. The actual procedure only took 5 minutes! The worst part was waking up from anesthesia, which we were warned about. He was pretty angry when he first woke up, and was fussy off and on the rest of the day. The next morning he was back to normal in time for his 9 month pictures!


My dad bought Ryder a Tech football jersey, but unfortunately it did not bring us luck. At least he looked adorable in it!


Our neighbors stopped by for a visit one Saturday and it was so fun meeting their NICU grad, Luke! I hope these boys become good buddies!


Ryder played with Scooter a lot this month! We are trying to teach him to be gentle, although, I am sure he is way to young for that concept. Fortunately, Scooter doesn’t mind when Ryder pulls his tail or grabs his fur. We also enjoyed dressing Ryder up like Charlie Brown for a photo op with his very own Snoopy ;-).


Ryder modeled a few other Halloween-esque outfits for his Momma this month. I am loving each holiday that we celebrate with him more and more!


Also new this month, Ryder is officially mobile…. very mobile. He is an army crawling machine. It just started one day and he has not slowed down since. He wants to crawl so very badly, but he gets to where he wants to go pretty fast without being on his knees. Last night I put him in the living room, the center of the living room mind you, and ran out to my car to get my purse. I wasn’t even gone two minutes, but when I came back in he had already emptied the box of Kleenex by our recliner. He also LOVES cords and outlets. Time to baby proof, no? He is so cute, though, because he gets so proud of himself!


Ryder went on his first bike ride this month! Chad and I celebrated our 5th anniversary, and I bought him a bike trailer as a gift. It has been fun to go ride as a family, and I think Ryder enjoys it. He usually falls asleep by the end, though.

wedding pic 1WD_0865WD_0870WD_0878

We took Ryder for his first “full” haircut this month. We had it trimmed a couple of months ago, but it was just getting so thick that it was starting to look crazy. He did great again, and we were in and out in no time. He LOVES those car chairs.


Ryder also started taking baths in the full tub. He was getting way too long for the baby tub, and he was starting to try to crawl out. He LOVES baths now, but still hates the drying off/lotion after math.


Last weekend we had a little Halloween party with our friends. My best friend Nicole and her son, Dalton, were in town so I thought we should celebrate. It was a HOT day for October, so the kiddos just wore their costumes long enough for a picture. It was quite hilarious trying to get 7 children ages 3 and under to look and smile simultaneously. You can see the results of that. I can’t stand how cute Ryder’s gnome costume is! He was so laid back all afternoon throughout the craziness. He was so worn out, though, that he slept through my dad’s birthday dinner later that night.

DSCN3077 (2)WD_0931WD_1010

The next day we took Ryder to Assiter Punkin Farm in Floydada. It was a cute little place. Lots of great pumpkins at a third of the price of the grocery store. It was just a coincidence that Ryder was dressed like Charlie and they had a Charlie cut out! Again, it was super hot and I think it wore Ryder out, but he never complained. We had previously decorated a couple of pumpkins for our front porch, and Ryder “helped” with his. On our way home we stopped at my brother’s house just outside of town. Ryder got to see a horse for the first time, and oh my he was excited! It was adorable how giddy he was! He even rode the horse while my mom walked him for a few steps. My brother’s horse was so patient and calm with Ryder too. Who knows, maybe he will be a cowboy with my mom and brother. I just hope his favorite uncle buys him the horse! 😉



We closed out Ryder’s 10th month by treating him to some frozen yogurt. He. loves. it. He actually gets kind of aggressive about it! He kept trying to steal mine!

I can’t get enough of Ryder these days. I dread Mondays because I love every minute of our weekends together. He is so fun and interactive. Everyday he does something new. Just in the last couple of days he started shaking his head. We can’t tell if he is “dancing” or saying no, but it is still adorable. The countdown is on for his first birthday, but until then I am going to soak up every last minute I can with him!

Until next month friends.

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