Ryder’s Favorite Things: 9 Month Edition

Well we have been busy going through all of our developmental milestones over here lately. Ryder is so busy and curious these days! I thought it was time to update our baby gear favorites. I think we saw the biggest changes from 6-9 months as far as what we used and how. For instance, so long bumbo and hello highchair. I also want to discuss car seat safety in this post. I am by no means an expert, but I thought I would share some links that have made us smarter.

Here are some of his favorite teethers/toys:

SmartNoggin Noggin Stik– When my aunt came to town for my brother’s reception she brought Ryder a whole lot of goodies, including this rattle. I had read about these on other blogs, but I thought $20 seemed pricey for a rattle. Well let me tell you, it is worth it! He loves it! It changes colors as he rattles (bangs) it around and it has a mirror on the bottom. It seems pretty durable so far too taking falls from the high chair and car.


Sophie the Giraffe Teether– I think I have mentioned Sophie before, but really he loves her. I think the feeling is mutual. Thanks to my aunt, we always have a Sophie with us now too!


RaZbaby Grape Teether– Ryder has phases where he likes different teethers. He still doesn’t actually have any teeth, but this is his current favorite. We freeze it for him and he goes to town on it! He also likes the Zo-li gummy stick baby gum massagers.


Jellycat Soft Books, Puppy Tails– Ryder loves these books. We have the Puppy Tails and Rainforest Tails. They are so easy to hold on to with the tails, and have Velcro at the top to attach to anything. They also make his favorite crinkle sound.


Taggie Lovie blanket– The lovies we have are hand made by the woman who owns Cup of Tea here in Lubbock. We can’t take a long car ride without one. He rubs the taggies and sucks his thumb while holding it close to his face.


Baby Einstein Explore and Discover Soft Blocks– My dad bought these for Ryder a while back, but we just recently pulled them out. Ryder loves them! We stack them up for him and he knows to knock them down. They each have something fun in them like a rattle or a vibration. He also likes to chew on them.


As I mentioned at the beginning, Ryder is in his highchair now. Our table is bar height, not normal table height, and I did not want a highchair that would sit a lot lower than us. I love this one because we have it strapped on a chair, and he is our height. It has cleaned really well so far too and has a removable tray.


Now on to the serious business, car seats. Ryder is only 9 months old, but we just switched him into a convertible seat. Our Peg infant seats were for babies up to 30 pounds or 30 inches. We have been really happy with the Peg, but Ryder was 28.25 inches and growing fast. We did A LOT of research. We are all about the safety, and this is not an area we are willing to skimp on. I had seen a lot of information in blogs about the new Britax Boulevard ClickTights. We did more research on those specifically, and even though they weren’t out yet, they seemed to get the highest safety ratings. Chad even called a Buy Buy Baby in Dallas to see which seat they recommended, and this was it. I will give you several links with the reviews that we read as well as safety information.

So we knew what we wanted, but it wasn’t out yet and it was pricey. Very pricey. Well we happened to be at Babies R Us on a Saturday night (isn’t that what all young couples do on a Saturday?!) and they had just received 2 of these seats we wanted. Even better, you can use coupons on Britax seats! Most all other brands are excluded. So we got our seat with 20% off from my Babies R Us mailer coupon. We decided we wanted 2 seats, though, one for each car. I had another coupon for 15% and we decided to apply for the Babies R Us credit card to save an additional 15% on top of that. In total we were able to save about $190 on the two car seats. Who knew you could get a deal on a good car seat? So please do your research, find coupons, and plan!


These car seats are big and very cushy with memory foam. The main highlight is that the seat portion lifts up so that you can use the seat belt to anchor it. Surprisingly, using the seat belt to anchor it as opposed to the LATCH system is safer. I was not aware that there are weight limits for the Latch system, and there has been more talk in the news with questions about their safety. Once we got the gist of installing these, I would say it was fairly easy. It was definitely easier than the bases for the Peg and they felt really secure. The last link below has a video showing an installation in 6 seconds! Chad feels like these car seats are more secure than Ryder’s infant seat. I also like that they sit up a little bit higher so he can see out of the window. I read that there really is no need to turn children to forward facing before the age of 2. They shouldn’t know any different anyways. I feel like since Ryder can see out of the window now, he will be quite content rear facing. We did have these convertible seats sitting pretty upright at first, because that’s what we had seen Ryder want to do; however, when he fell asleep he did not look comfortable at all. Chad was able to adjust the recline a bit and they seem perfect now. We also like the rubber on the straps and the extra padding on the shoulders. The straps would twist sometimes in the Peg and it was really hard to untangle them. I am really happy having these seats and knowing that they will last us a long time (up to 65 pounds)! Here are links to some more professional articles about these convertible seats and car seat safety in general:



http://carseatblog.com/30080/britax-boulevard-clighttight-convertible-review-sometimes-things-just-click/– this is by far the best and most detailed review I have read!




Until next time friends… then Ryder will be in the double digit months!


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