Ryder Lane at 9 Months

I know I say this every month, but holy cow batman! Where has the time gone?! At Ryder’s last doctor’s appointment he was 16 lbs 13 oz and 28 inches!


Ryder is definitely keeping us on our toes. He still isn’t scooting or crawling, but he rolls everywhere. He is also very vocal about his opinions, especially when he wants us to get on the floor and play with him! He is sitting up really well, he just can’t get himself back to sitting if he falls over which makes him quite angry. He gets really frustrated with trying to scoot too. I know he will get it soon enough. His favorite activities are pulling off your glasses and tugging at your hair. If he is ever fussy, I can get on the floor and let him pull my hair and he is all giggles. He also likes his exersaucer a lot! He can get that thing jumping! His least favorite activity is getting lotion put on, I know such torture right?


Ryder is still loving baby food. His absolute favorite is carrots. He would eat them for every meal if I let him. Chad would like to let him always eat carrots, but we don’t need an orange baby ;-). His other favorite food is pears. I just started introducing more solids like the Gerber baby puffs. Ryder could eat his weight in their cheetoh looking puffs the veggie flavor. I mean seriously, he. loves.them. At least it has given us peace at all of our meals lately! Ryder has also tried ice cream and mashed potatoes this month. He liked the chocolate ice cream the best, and I think we need to make him lots more mashed potatoes!


This month was by far the roughest as far as illnesses go. Ryder had 2 back to back ear infections. He was only off of antibiotics for 2 days before he got the second one. Our pediatrician recommended we get tubes as soon as possible. The standard recommendation for tubes is if you have had 3 ear infections in 6 months, and he had that many in 3 months. It was also concerning that he had gotten all of them so far in the warmer months, and our pedi was worried what would happen if we waited until it got colder. We were able to get our appointment with the ENT moved up, and once we saw him he agreed with tubes and we were scheduled for Friday of the same week. Well when Chad picked up Ryder from daycare on that Wednesday he had a 103.1 fever! It was actually scary since he was so lethargic and non responsive. I took him back to the pedi only to learn that this time it was a virus on top of the ear infection. The ENT could put the tubes in even if his ears were infected, but not with a virus and high fever :-(. The poor kid had a fever for 3 days before it finally broke. He is always a trooper, though, and still smiles through it all. He just didn’t sleep worth a darn. So fingers and toes crossed that he can stay healthy enough all of this week to get his tubes in this coming Friday!


As for happier news from this month: Ryder got his first hair cut! The little hairs over his ears were driving me crazy! We took him to a kids cuts place, and he did great. They just did his ears and neck. He was able to sit in a little car, and as soon as I put him in it he pulled himself up to standing by holding on the steering wheel! He must be ready to drive ;-). He hasn’t pulled himself up on anything else, so it was probably just the right angle.


Ryder also tried to cheer his Red Raider’s on to victory this month, but we all know how that has been going. At least he looks adorable in his Tech gear!


Ryder had fun at his friend Tanner’s 1st Birthday! It was an ice cream theme, and it just made me think of all the planning I have to do for Ryder’s 1st in 3 months! Ryder also had fun when we had a play date with Kate and Tanner!


Until next month friends, then we will be in the double digits!


IMG_1978      IMG_2057IMG_1953

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