Ryder Lane at 8 Months

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Whew! Where did that last month go?!

My baby is 8 months old and growing like a weed! We weighed him at home the other day, and he is 17 pounds. I can definitely feel it! He is still mostly wearing 6 month clothes, but some 9 month is starting to fit. He is also in size 3 diapers now.

Ryder’s first big adventure this month was his first time swinging at a park. Chad and I drove around 2 nights in a row trying to find a park with infant swings. They are hard to come by! We finally found one, and I don’t think Ryder knew what to think! It was also pretty crowded. Chad and I remedied that fast, and just bought a swing to hang on our patio. Ryder loves it! I am glad we have it because it sure is calming to him when he is having a rough night. May be the best $20 we’ve spent!

We introduced several more fruits and vegetables in baby food this month. Ryder is up to 3 containers a day. He takes one at lunch, and usually a fruit and vegetable at dinner. He still loves anything orange including carrots and sweet potatoes. His favorite fruit is pears.


Ryder also started sitting up much better this month! He is getting so strong! He has really taken an interest in the animals. He lights up when he sees them and always wants to touch them. Both Scooter and Sukie have been good with him so far. Really, I would be more worried about Sukie since she likes to bite us, but she hasn’t ever been aggressive towards Ryder!


We took our first road trip as a family of 3 this month to Ruidoso, and it was great! Ryder did awesome in the car on the way there. I rode in the back to keep him entertained, but he never even made a peep. He also slept great at night even though we were away from home. My brother and sister in law came on the trip with us, and brought their Jeep. Chad went off roading with them Saturday morning, and the intention was that I would shop with Ryder. What ensued next was probably the most terrifying and sickening 3 hours of my life, but others find it humorous so here goes! So Chad had given me keys to his aunt’s house where we were staying as we were walking back out to the car after breakfast. He made sure to tell me that the smooth key was the one that opened the front door. I loaded up Ryder, and said by to Chad. As I was driving to the shops I started wondering where I had put those keys. I dug all through the diaper bag, and was hoping I had dropped them by Ryder’s car seat in the back. As I got to the store I had one of those moments of “ah ha’ combined with “dun dun dun”. I suddenly remembered that I had put the keys on top of the car while I was buckling Ryder in. I really can’t describe how sick I felt in that moment. I hightailed it back to the restaurant where we had breakfast, and searched the parking lot. Poor Ryder was asleep by this point, but I woke him up to take him inside and see if anyone had turned them in. Oh and I should mention that I was frantically calling Chad, my brother, and my sister-in-law, but they did not have cell service up on the mountain. The restaurant did not have my keys, and I started searching the parking lot again. I was about to give up when I saw something shiny in the middle of the road (a busy road I might add). There was a cop across the street, but I could not get his attention, and he drove off. I made it out to the keys, and my stomach dropped again. Of the three keys, guess which key was bent in half? That’s right, the smooth one. Thinking that this was our only way into his aunt’s house, I panicked again. I drove Ryder and myself to Wal Mart and hightailed it to the key counter. The woman behind the counter basically laughed at me, and had a man come look at them. He said there was no way they could unbend the key to make a copy without it breaking. He told me to go to Ace Hardware. Sooo, I go back into town and rush into Ace Hardware. It did cross my mind to take a picture of the keys for prosperity sake, knowing that the situation might be laughable one day, but alas I was too anxious. The poor men in Ace Hardware, ha! They kept asking me how it had happened, I guess my story was not believable. This one man worked and worked. When they unbent the key it did break in half, but they were hopeful they could free hand a new one. I guess I looked terrible, and I was holding Ryder, so they sent me back to their office to sit while they worked on the key. Ryder was so amazing (isn’t he always) and never fussed. Every now and then one of the other men would come by and give me a thumbs up or thumbs down. Finally after a LONG while, he told me he had a new key for me. He couldn’t guarantee it would work, though, since he had to free hand so much of it. I made my way back to our cabin and held my breath. The key worked, on the first try!!! It was as smooth as butter. I would have gone back to give that man at Ace Hardware a hug, but I was too embarrassed. Shortly after my ordeal, Chad and the others made it back as well. After I told Chad the story, he felt horrible, but then said maybe we should replace the keys in the lock box outside of the front door with these new ones. Ummm, say what?! There was a spare set of keys by the front door the whole stinking time?! Yeah. So needless to say, I did some mommy shopping all by my lonesome that afternoon. We all went to dinner together, and I decided I need some more recovery time at the Casino with my brother and sister in law. We only stayed an hour, but I walked away a winner so the day wasn’t half bad after all! We shopped a little more on Sunday morning, then headed back. Ryder did not do as perfect on the ride home. He actually screamed all but 30 minutes of it. I don’t know if it was his ears or teething, but we were all miserable. We just kept pushing on and finally made it home. Still, all in all it was a good trip. I loved spending the extra time with Jonathan and Lacy. I also loved knowing Ryder is a champ out of his element.


Then we ended the month with a reception to celebrate Jonathan and Lacy! I don’t have many pictures from the day of, but my favorite part was that my Aunt Cindy and Grandmother Bibb were able to see Ryder again! They came in the night before. Because they had not seen him since he was in the NICU, this day was long over due. I love seeing their love for him, and I am so so grateful that he got to spend a lot of time with them over the weekend. The reception was wonderful, and again Ryder was awesome. Chad kept him at home all day while I helped decorate, and participated in hair and make up. He had great naps at home and was ready to go. He never hardly fussed at the reception, and even took at 30 minute nap in my Granny’s arms. He did so great being passed all around. I was so happy to celebrate with them and see all of our friends and family.



Ryder, you are such a joy to everyone who comes around you. It makes my heart so happy. I love that you are patient and flexible and always go with the flow. You make us so proud!

Until next time friends

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