Ryder Lane at 7 Months

Well we have certainly had a busy month! Hope you are ready for a long post. 😉


When we took Ryder to the pedi the other day for an ear infection we learned that he had gained a whole pound in 3 weeks! He now weighs 15 pounds and is still 26 inches long. He also still loves the paper on the exam table!


Ryder started eating baby food this month, which may explain the extra pound! He has had green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and peas. His favorite so far has been the sweet potatoes! Our pedi recommended we hold off on fruits so that he learns to like the veggies first. We have just been giving him half a container mixed with rice cereal in the evenings, but he liked the sweet potatoes so much I let him have the whole thing! It came back later, though, so we will just stick with half a container for now. Ha! We did tell his daycare to start giving him half a container at lunch too. I am really pleased with how well he eats! It usually takes him a minute to decide he likes it,  but then he holds his mouth open for bites. He still likes to suck his thumb in between bites, so we have some really messy meals! The other night, he was quite fussy from his ear infection and teething, so I gave him the bowl to play with. He was pretty happy licking it clean for a few minutes!


We celebrated Ryder’s first Fourth of July this month! He had several adorable patriotic outfits to wear to all of the festivities. On the 3rd we went out to Ransom Canyon to watch the Buffalo Springs Lake fireworks with my parents. He was really good and just sat and watched the whole time. He had even gotten shots that day, so we were impressed. He did scream the whole way home, though, and we were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes! On the 4th we headed over to Levelland to celebrate with our friend’s Mark and Chelsea at an annual shin dig Mark’s family helps host. Our friend Erica rode over with us, she had never met Ryder before so it was fun to introduce them. There were a LOT of kids at this gathering and LOTS of fireworks. Needless to say, it was a little loud. Ryder never fussed, but I was paranoid about the noise on his little ears, so we stuffed them full of cotton and even taped over it! Ha! Poor kid! When the “big” kids started shooting off the real deal fireworks (which is just as good if not better than a professional show), Chad and I took turns with Ryder inside the house. I was just so worried about his hearing and his eyes since it was so bright! Ryder was so happy, until the car ride home :-(. Two nights in a row of a screaming baby on the road!


We started “swimming lessons” this month! The class is for kids ages 6 months to 3 years I think. He was obviously the youngest one in there, but he still had fun. We basically just sing songs to get them used to the water. Ryder has amazed me in that he actually kicks his legs and moves his hands when we hold him on his tummy in the water. He wants to swim! We have dunked him a couple of times too. They said if you blow in the baby’s face really hard, they will hold their breath so you can dunk them. He never coughed or complained afterwards, so I don’t think he minded. The instructors were amazed at how he never cried in the water! Ryder has what we call his “fish face” that he makes when he is concentrating really hard. He is so cute when he makes this face in the water because you can tell he wants to go somewhere. I am so excited for lessons next year when he can start participating a little more!


I could really tell that Ryder is getting older this month just from the change in his sleep patterns. He used to sleep a lot! He would take long naps at daycare and at home. He has pretty much done away with his evening nap, but still stays up late with us and sleeps in in the morning. Of course, I like this because I get to see him for longer after work. He has outlasted me a few evenings, though! These pictures are from of our late night shenanigans!


Ryder met our friend Annabelle this month. Ryder and Annabelle were due just a week or so apart, and it is crazy to see them together now! Annabelle is just as big as Ryder if not a little bigger I think, and he is 2 months older!


We also ventured out more this month without the car seat. Ryder still has a lot of work to do on sitting, but he does OK in the highchair for a little while. We really like to go to Blue Oasis for some Italian Ice because they have couches and he can just lounge with us!


As far as our other activities this month, we did a little of everything! Ryder spent some time napping with his cousin Kyle (so sweet to watch), he modeled some clothes from his aunt and uncle, he modeled an adorable smocked outfit for his momma, he enjoyed a meal out on the patio with us and friends, he enjoyed my parents 33rd anniversary dinner, and he won a blue ribbon for one of his newborn pictures that my grandmother entered into a contest (congrats again to Alisa Joy Photography).



I have mentioned a few times lately that I am more exhausted now than when he was a newborn, but I love it. He is wiggling and trying to move non stop now, and I love to see his little mind working. Especially when he is in his exersaucer. I can tell he is trying to figure out how to play with everything at once. He got moved up to another class in daycare again, they said it was because he was the oldest in his current class and they didn’t want him to get lazy around the younger babies. Chad said the kids in his new class are already pulling up and stuff! I bet he will be scooting and crawling in no time, then we better watch out!


I will leave you with some sweetness from Ryder’s 6 Month shoot with Alisa. Until next time friends.


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