More Baby Gear Favorites

Since Ryder is now 6 months old (how did that happen?), I thought it was time to update our favorite baby products that make life easier! We still love some of the baby products from my first post here, especially the Skip Hop activity gym, but our needs have changed some so here we go:

samsung monitor20140718-133843-49123859.jpg

Samsung Video Monitor– Ryder started sleeping his crib around 3-4 months and since he is primarily a tummy sleeper, a video monitor was a must! I love that I can see him breathing with the monitor, and it has a sleep mode so that the screen and sound only turn on if he starts stirring. The camera has great pan, tilt, and zoom. There is also a microphone so when he gets older we can tell him to lay back down 😉

diaper bagjeep bag

Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag– So when my best friend Nicole had her baby boy a couple of years ago she sent me a picture of this diaper bag and said she loved it! Of course we got it for her, and I had admired it every since then. I had forgotten the exact style, though, so when she asked me which bag I liked it was quite funny when I sent her the exact same one! I LOOOOVVVVEEE this bag. I love the size, the style, everything about it! We didn’t start going out with Ryder until he was 3 months old or so, but this thing goes every where with us now. I can fit everything I need in it too. I also love the wallet that matches. I do have a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag too (I got it from the online outlet super cheap), and I use that for overnight trips to the grandparent’s house or to take to daycare. Chad has his own manly diaper bag that works great for him, and the backpack style is very practical for trips to the pool or other outdoor outings!

sound machine

Graco Sound Machine- I guess since Ryder was in the NICU, he was used to sound at night! We did use the Cloud B 4 Soothing Sounds Gentle Giraffe when Ryder was sleeping in our room since it was small and we could strap it to his Graco Sleeper. When he moved into his room, though, we started using our Graco Sound Machine. It has several different white noise sounds, including a heart beat. It has a timer, night light, and you can plug in your iPod. It can be plugged in to a wall outlet, or you can use a battery so it is very portable.

CVS dry wipes- I feel like I am giving out a well kept secret here. In the NICU they only used “dry” wipes to clean up dirty diapers. You just get these soft cloths wet with warm water and they clean up the mess really well! When we brought Ryder home, we tried the traditional Pampers Sensitive wipes, but we just didn’t like the smell or the fact that they were so cold! We did have a wipe warmer, but that made them smell even more like chemicals. Fortunately, one day at CVS I found these fantastic dry wipes! They are even better than the ones in the NICU because they are more absorbent and softer. We love using these just with warm water to clean up those dirty diapers. I will warn you, though, CVS only seems to have 2 boxes in stock at a time, and we will fight you for them! ha! They don’t sell them online, but they are in a blue box in the baby section.


Baby’s First Aquarium app- I read about this free app on a mommy blog, and let me tell you… it is a lifesaver! Who would have known that cartoon looking fish swimming around on the screen could be so mesmerizing! When Ryder is screaming bloody murder in his car seat, this app will help him calm down and relax for at least 5 minutes! What can it hurt to try since the app is free?!


Bumbo– I had heard a lot of different opinions about the Bumbo, but I am glad we registered for one. Not only does it help Ryder practice sitting up, but this is the only place we eat rice cereal and now some baby food. It is so easy to wipe up when he gets that sticky goo everywhere! It is also very portable. I know it is not recommended to put it on top of surfaces, like a table, but we are there for close supervision.

lots of links

Lots of Links– this may look simple, but it is great! There are enough in the bag that I have stashed a few in both of our diaper bags, on the stroller, on our highchair cover, literally everywhere. He can grasp on to them and put them in his mouth. I like that there are different textures too. Something simple to keep him entertained? That is a win in my book!

I am sure I will do another one of these posts in 3 months or so to let you know what is life saving for the 6-9 month range!



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