Ryder Lane at 6 Months

Wow! Where has my itty bitty babe gone??? I know he is still a baby, but I feel like he has changed so much this month!


We had so much fun playing with the paper at the doctor’s office that we finally just passed out!


Let’s get started with the stats!

Weight: 13 lbs 15 oz, which is still <1% on the normal growth chart and 13% adjusted for his gestation

Length: 26 in., 20% normal and 76% adjusted

Head: 43 cm, 36% normal and 81% adjusted

He is wearing mostly 6 month clothes now. He is too long for 3 month clothes but too skinny for 6 month clothes so some things just fall off of him!

What’s new this month?

Well we introduced rice cereal. As you can see it did not go very well at first, and then it was hit or miss for a while. Just in the last couple of weeks he has decided he likes it and inhales it!




He had his first overnight trips away this month too. Chad and I were preparing to leave for Vienna and wanted to make sure he would do well with our parents. He did great, and it was one less thing to worry about while we were gone! His first overnight was for Chad’s cousin’s wedding. We ended up bringing Ryder to the ceremony for pictures, and he hung out in the nursery with a couple of the other great grandsons. He did great! He also got to meet his new cousin Jonathan for the first time. Such a sweet boy!


Ryder got a new aunt this month! My brother and Lacy eloped while they were vacationing in Jamaica! We are so excited for them and can’t wait for the reception in August.


We celebrated Chad’s first father’s day this month as well! I enjoyed picking out “fatherly” gifts for him. I got him a pendant with Ryder’s actual newborn footprint and a travel mug with Ryder’s pictures.


We had a little play date with our friends Kate and Tanner. Kate was so cute! She kept saying “thank you for bringing him to see me” and that he was so adorable! She was very helpful too!


We discovered that Ryder’s loves his lovies this month! He has also started playing a little in the exersaucer. He does well for a little while, then gets tired of holding himself up. Overall, I can’t even believe his development this month. He found his toes this month, and is rolling all over the place. I haven’t seen him roll from back to tummy, but he works his way off of his play mat pretty fast. He has started noticing the animals and reaches out for them. I think Sukie is starting to get nervous, ha! He “talks” and smiles all the time! I really cannot get enough of him! He is so happy most of the time and will smile for pretty much anyone.

20140711-164826-60506218.jpgphoto 1photo 2

I am looking forward to starting swimming lessons and trying baby foods this next month! Every day with him is a dream 🙂



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