Ryder Lane at 5 Months

Well seeing as how it has been over a month since I have posted on here, you can probably guess we have been a little busy! After a wonderful, extended maternity leave, I went back to work on Monday, May 5th. I was extremely blessed with that extended leave due to Ryder being in the NICU and the fact that our pediatrician did not want him in daycare during RSV season. The anticipation of going back to work was awful. I was really dreading it and seriously contemplated finding a part-time position. I was afraid I would only see Ryder for a couple of hours a day, and since he is sometimes fussy in the evenings that it wouldn’t even be quality time. Ultimately, a new opportunity came up at work and I decided to dive back in. I knew daycare would be good for Ryder socially and developmentally. I have to say the anticipation of going back to work was far worse than actually going back. Ryder does have his fussy evenings, but he is still a night owl like us so I get several hours with him. I try to be intentional about my time with Ryder. I am not always successful, but I try to put the phone away and get on the floor to just talk to and love on my sweet boy. Chad also tries to pick him up before I get home so that he can take a nap if he is tired and have more awake time with me. Of course the new opportunity at work has meant big changes and lots to do. I think being busy helps! I don’t have time to worry about Ryder during the day.

So that’s me back at work. How is Ryder doing at daycare you ask? Well the first two weeks were a little rough. I just didn’t get a good vibe from the teachers in his first class. Not that they were bad, it just wasn’t what I expected. He also got sick just 4 days in. Since being at daycare he has had a respiratory virus, some kind of stomach bug, and now another cold with major congestion followed by an ear infection. I know it is ultimately good for him to build up his immune system, but daycare is kicking my butt too! I have also had bronchitis and a stomach bug since I have been back at work! After 2 weeks at daycare, Ryder was moved up to another class. I don’t know if it was the new teachers, or the fact that he was finally adjusting, but after his first day in the new class he was a new baby! He started rolling from tummy to back and was talking a lot more. The teachers seem a lot more invested in him as well. I think his development is really going to take off now!

So what else were we up to during Ryder’s fifth month of life? Well we went to his NICU reunion! It was a Western theme. I was disappointed that I did not see any of our favorite nurses, but we got to catch up with Dr. Bowman! We also met some other amazingly strong babies! It completely wore Ryder out!


We celebrated my first Mother’s Day! My dad got us a private suite for brunch at the Tech Club. It was great! I definitely felt blessed by my boys!


Ryder took his first trip to the pool this month too! Chad and I love the water, and I really hope Ryder will too. His first trip was pretty successful. I think he was just taking it all in. We will start parent and me swimming lessons in July. Safety comes first!



As for the stats: Ryder is about 12.5 pounds and 24.5 in. He is wearing mostly size 3 month and some 3-6 month. His length gets us in a predicament with clothes. Still long and skinny! He is sleeping through the night like a champ, or at least when he feels well. My secret? I let him sleep on his tummy. I know it is horrible, but once I decided to try it one night I have never looked back. I also don’t worry as much now since he is rolling over. He is much more interactive with toys now too. It is a lot of fun! He obviously was not enthusiastic about his 5 month pictures 😉 We were all a little worn out after all the sickness.


Here are some of my other favorite pictures from this month!


I still have drafts of posts I want to finish and publish. Maybe one day soon I will find time for it all! Thanks for reading!

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