Ryder Lane at 4 Months

I have especially enjoyed this last month with Ryder. His development has just taken off! I cannot get enough of those smiles and coos! He is also doing great at holding his head up.



We had Ryder’s four-month well check yesterday and here are the stats:
Weight- 11.5 lbs which is not on the growth chart for his actual age, but is 42% for his gestational age.
Length- shot up to 24.25 inches which is the 12% for actual age and 91% adjusted for gestation!
Head- 16 inches which is 11% actual or 58% adjusted.

He did pretty well at the appointment. He actually screamed through the entire exam but did great for the shots! Haha


He went from the 1st to 12th percentile in length in the last two months! So he is still my long and skinny boy. They told us yesterday we need to fatten him up! We are increasing his feeds, but also increasing his reflux medicine. Hopefully that helps! We can start trying rice cereal in about a month.

The pediatrician yesterday also said that he is acting like a normal 4 month old! So his development is pretty well caught up. 🙂 I got an email the other day about my baby’s development at 10 weeks… still hard to believe he should only be 10 weeks old! I am grateful for the extra time I have been able to spend with him.

What else is new this month? Well he has decided he LOVES to sleep on his tummy. If you put him on his tummy for tummy time, he just pops his thumb in his mouth and he is OUT! That’s the other new thing, my paci lover is now a thumb sucker. I was a thumb sucker so I guess it is hereditary. For a while every time I saw his thumb go in his mouth I tried to replace it with a paci, but he would get mad. It is kind of nice, though, I don’t have to get up 10 times a night to put his thumb back in his mouth like I did the paci. 😉 Speaking of which, he has slept 8-9 hours through the night a few times now. It is not consistent, but I will take it! He has also been practicing sitting up in the bumbo.


As I mentioned in previous posts, we enjoyed Easter and the March for Babies this month. We also got out and about more with our friends and family. I am so glad I was able to spend this month at home with Ryder to really be able to enjoy him.





One thought on “Ryder Lane at 4 Months

  1. Thank you for updating us on Ryder’s progress. And thank you for taking such good care of him. We are blest! Love, Grandma (Hope)

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