Ryder’s First Easter

I am so excited for Christmas and the other holidays next year when I know Ryder will be more able to take it all in and enjoy them, but his first Easter was pretty darn fun even if he didn’t know what was going on!

We did take Ryder to see the Easter bunny one evening the week before Easter. We went when there weren’t any other kids there! My family never did the Easter bunny growing up. We always got baskets and hunted eggs, we just didn’t think they were from a bunny! Who knows what traditions we will come up with, but it sure was adorable seeing Ryder in his cute little outfit from Aunt Cindy with a giant bunny!

BS_South Plains_20140416_000008_P

I ordered him a sweet little basket from Pottery Barn Kids and a set of Cars books. I really hope this kid likes Cars the movie and all cars in general as much as his dad does, or he may be out of luck! Ha! My parents got him this adorable elephant that sings! Chad’s parents got him the bunny basket. His sweet little polo and plaid shorts are from Gymboree.




It was his first Sunday at church. As I have mentioned before, we have had to be super cautious of RSV and other bugs during cold/flu season. He did great at church. We went to the early service which is more contemporary, and the music was LOUD at times, but he slept right through it. When he did open his eyes, he never even made a peep! We will have to let him try out the nursery soon, but at least we know that he can make it through a service.

We had brunch with my parents, Jonathan, and Lacy at Las Brisas. He was awake most of the time, but still seemed quite content. While everyone else at steak, I enjoyed my sweet potato pancakes! No pictures from there, though 😦

Next we were off to Chad’s aunt Carolyn’s house for Ryder’s first Easter Egg hunt. Of course, we had to change his outfit once we got there because I had a couple of Easter outfits for him. I particularly loved his “chicks dig me” shirt. The pants were HUGE on my skinny little man, so we had to pin them. I think he enjoyed meeting Chad’s dad’s side of the family, and he tolerated being passed around really well. His great grandfather, Windell, even held him for the first time! We were calling him “baby Carlos” in those sunglasses for those of you that will understand the reference, haha! I hunted a few eggs for Ryder, and he made $8 for his piggy bank!


DSCN2359 (2)DSCN2336


My favorite photographer, Alisa Joy Photography, took a few Easter themed pictures for us during Ryder’s 3 month shoot. I just die over the cuteness of my little bunny!




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