March for Babies

I guess I have always been aware of the March of Dimes and their mission because of my background in Social Work and non-profit management in my graduate program. It wasn’t close to my heart, though, until this year. When I got the first email from Tech that they were looking for team captains, I knew I needed to sign up! Not only has our family been in the NICU this year, but also a neighbor’s family and one of Chad’s cousin’s family. This organization is so important to help improve the health of babies!


Jonathan and Luke are still in the NICU. We think about them a lot!

Thanks to Facebook, and generous friends and family, I was able to personally raise over $1000! I was actually the top earner at Texas Tech! I mean how blessed am I that people donated to this cause on behalf of my son to the point that in all of Tech, I raised the most money?! Our team, Ryder’s Raiders, raised $1300 collectively.

DSCN2388 (2)

At the finish line!

My dad paid for us to have some shirts made on Custom Ink. They did a great job! I wanted to use Ryder’s actual footprints, and we only had a scanned copy, but they made them look perfect! Mine and Chad’s shirts were customized ;-). We also had  onesie made for Ryder. I did not know until the week of the walk that there is actually a contest for t-shirts. My dad said we are going to have to go all out next year!

DSCN2396 (2)WD_0233


Chad was on stage with Ryder for the t-shirt judging contest. We will win next year!

We had about 10 walkers this past Saturday. The weather was actually decent considering the wind and dirt picked up later that day and is still blowing three days later! I was so grateful for my friends, Chelsea and Natalia, that came out and walked 3 miles with their kids for us! My parents, Jonathan and Lacy, and her mom also joined us. Ryder did really well. I think he enjoyed the walk. He was hungry and tired by the end of it, though!

DSCN2370 (2)

Sweet friends!

DSCN2399 (2)

Our team! Love Kate and Jack holding hands.



Just enjoying the walk.


My dad kept Ryder warm before we got started.



Kate was cold, and Ben was obsessed with the stroller!


She actually walked most of the 3 miles! I was impressed.



After it was all said and done. He was OUT!

I am really excited and proud that we were able to contribute to this cause. I look forward to participating next year and beyond!

DSCN2407 (2)

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