Ryder Lane at 3 Months & What’s in a Name?!

By the time Ryder turned 3 months old, he had tripled his birth weight! He started wearing some three month sized clothes and size 1 diapers. He became better at swatting away the Nosefrida when I tried to suction his nose, and his paci addiction intensified. He had a busy third month of life since he was finally able to meet some family and friends. Our pediatrician told us that about 10 days after his 2 month shots we could start taking him out a little! We still had to be very careful of RSV and other bugs, but it was a relief to get out of the house! Fortunately he seems to love riding in the car and being out and about!


Ryder finally fit into his newborn size jeans and his Tech camo onesie for a visit from Jonathan and Lacy! Uncle Johnny bought him a camo onesie, hat, and booties! The hat is still a little big, but I thought he looked adorable on this day! We love our visits from them!


For St. Patrick’s Day we had our friends Mark and Chelsea over along with Johnny and Lacy. It was fun to see Kate finally meet Ryder. She just turned three, and it has been so exciting watching her grow up! Her brother Tanner is the one who is just 3 months older than Ryder. It was their first time to meet too! We had a yummy dinner of chicken rollatini and risotto (I’ll have to share recipes later) and cupcakes for dessert! I made a Bailey’s frosting for the grown-ups’ cupcakes and Kate had some special green frosting!



I was also very happy for Ryder to finally meet some of my cousins in March. Chad and I had spent Thanksgiving in Dallas with his family and then I was still in the hospital recovering from the C-Section when my family had Christmas. I felt like a gathering was long overdue! Ryder was loved on by my cousins Kelsay and Kyle and the rest of their family. It was a fun evening catching up!


Maybe one of the most significant events of Ryder’s third month was that he met his middle namesake! So it might be helpful to know how we decided on Ryder Lane….

I am a typical girl in that I have always had a list of baby names! I even put the list on my phone so that I could constantly add to it! One of my main criteria for choosing a name was that it would not be super popular. I always hated having 8 other Ashley’s in my classes growing up. My mom always says that because I was born in February, the name was not that popular then. I would actually look up names on my list and cross them off if they were in the top 100! Once we found out that we were having a boy, I was in a hurry to choose a name! I had several other friends who were expecting boys, and I wanted to pick a name before someone else took one that I liked! Chad and I weren’t really agreeing on a lot of names, probably because I wanted “unique” names that were not popular! Ryder truly just came to me one day. It had never even been a name on my list! Chad and I both threw it around for a while and pretty soon it was at the top of the list. With the last name of Whisenant, we wanted to keep his first and middle names pretty simple. I have always loved the name Lane, for reasons you’ll see shortly, so we had narrowed it down to Ryder and Lane. There was some discussion of the order, but I told Chad that he just felt like a Ryder. So there we had it, Ryder Lane.


It was a very sweet moment to see Ryder with Lane Rossi. I hope that he can always look up to this young gentleman who he took his middle name from! I started babysitting Lane when he was just a couple of months old, and now he is about to graduate from high school. Talk about feeling old! I have always adored his parents and his younger siblings. I have also always admired how well-behaved, respectful, and gracious these three kids are. I can only hope to do as good of a job in raising Ryder. I also pray that he can find friends who are the “salt of the earth” such as this family is. Truly, I feel blessed just knowing them. It was only fitting that Ryder share a name with them!

DSCN2241 (2)

I love introducing Ryder to people who have meant so much to me and to see the love that they have for him as well! That has to be one of the greatest feelings as a parent.

Ryder capped off this special month by just starting to smile responsively right around his 3rd month birthday!


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