Ryder Lane at 2 Months

At Ryder’s 2 month well check he weighed in at 8 lbs 10.5 oz and was 20.5 inches. His head was 15 cm! For his actual age he was in less than the 1st percentile for weight and length and his head was in the 11th percentile. For his gestational adjusted age he was in the 50th percentile and 90th percentile for his head! He must have a big brain 😉 He was still wearing newborn size clothes and was barely getting into newborn size diapers! Our pediatrician told us that he should just be about a month behind developmentally. He still was not smiling or tracking at that point.


As far as likes and dislikes…. Ryder was starting to like his baths more, but still hated being dried off even though we would heat up his towel in the dryer first! He hated getting lotion put on. He liked his wubbanubs and being swaddled. He also liked hanging out in our bathroom while we were taking showers or getting ready



In his second month of life we celebrated my birthday, Valentine’s day, and his original due date. He also finally met his Aunt Colie!

I turned 30 on February 8th, and it was the best birthday yet! My Facebook status that day said “Being a mother feels like how things should have been all along… Like everything just fell into place all at once with the arrival of my tiny miracle. To be completely at peace and content, that is the greatest gift for my 30th birthday.” I still feel that way! We left Ryder at home with Chad’s parents while we went and ate lunch with my family since he was still under house arrest. That night I was able to get away for a little girl time at the Llano Wine and Chocolate Fantasia! My sweet friends, Chelsea and Natalia, also showered me with 30 gifts! It was a wonderful day.


I bought Ryder the Jungle Book movie for his first Valentine’s Day gift and a little dog stuffed animal. I always loved the songs from that movie, and I am sure it won’t be long before he is singing “The Bare Necessities” too! Not that he knew what was going on, but he still looked adorable in his V-Day threads! We spent our longest time away from him that day seeing an afternoon matinée and going out to dinner while my parents watched him. It was another great day! I loved getting spoiled by both of my boys!




Ryder’s original due date was February 17th. This day was bittersweet for me. Having a preemie does involve a sort of grieving process. I was reading another blog of a couple who had a baby at 27 weeks. In one post she was discussing how sad she was when she lost all the weight and the baby bump. While most women would be excited, I completely understood her pain. I was sad that I did not get to feel all those big movements during those last few weeks of pregnancy. I was sad that I never had that uncomfortably huge feeling. I would even get sad that Ryder has to share his birthday with Christmas every year. It is hard to stay sad, though, when you are looking into the eyes of a perfectly sweet little baby. His due date felt like a new start. Now that he was “full term” we would start seeing his development take off!

My best friend since birth, Nicole, had booked her flights to meet Ryder well in advance of my early delivery. She was supposed to come a week after his due date, but he ended up being 2 months old when they finally met! Such a sweet week getting to introduce Ryder to people who are so special to me, and will be to him as well! All of the excitement wore him plum out, though!


During this month, Ryder also went on his first walk and watched several Red Raiders in the Super Bowl!


Even though we were still stuck in the house, it was such a fun month living a blessed life!


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