Life at Home with Ryder Lane

As I mentioned on the last post, Ryder came home after 24 days in the NICU. I have to say coming home was kind of anticlimactic simply because we were under strict house arrest! Ryder was not allowed to leave the house except to see the pediatrician. We also were not able to have visitors unless they had gotten their tDAP vaccine. Ryder was at a huge risk to get RSV and Whooping Cough so we were not going to take any chances! I put a bottle of Germ X next to our front door, and our guests still use it to this day!

I was hopeful when Ryder came home that he would stick to his 8,11,2, and 5 feeding schedule from the NICU. We were instructed to wake him up in the night to make sure he was eating every 3 hours in order to keep gaining weight! He did stick to his schedule pretty well, and we did not have to wake him up to eat! He consistently woke up about 10 minutes before his feeding time. For the first few weeks I ended up staying up with him until about 4 AM, then Chad would take the 5 and 8 AM feedings while I slept. I think Ryder got my night owl gene!

We ended up taking Ryder to his wonderful pediatrician just a few days after we came home. He was sounding really congested, and we were paranoid! Fortunately, they took us right back so that he was not around the sick kids. We learned that Ryder just had typical newborn congestion, and he was still gaining weight like a champ!

I did get some crazy cabin fever those first few weeks! A trip to Wal-Mart at night felt like a vacation! We settled into a routine pretty quickly, though, and were fortunate that my mom could watch Ryder in the afternoons if I needed to get out of the house.

Ryder turned 1 month old a week after we brought him home! He was up to about 5 lbs 12 oz and was wearing newborn size clothes. He stayed in preemie diapers for a little while, though, just because he was so skinny!

4 Weeks Old1 month old!

Uncle Johnny finally held Ryder a few days after we got home!

Uncle Johnny finally held Ryder a few days after we got home!

all comfy cozy at home!

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